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Lunastone Pedals Opens New Distribution Channels in the US and Germany

Lunastone Pedals Opens New Distribution Channels in the US and Germany

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(Copenhagen, Denmark, 20 March 2018) The Danish guitar pedal company has seen significant growth over the past year and found the need to appoint strong, local partners in its key markets. Building on the good experience with Japanese distributor, T. Kurosawa & Co., Ltd., who bought in on Lunastone Pedals after the NAMM Show in 2017 and successfully introduced the brand in Japan, Lunastone now appoints D&A Guitar Gear as its sole distributor in the US and Rooftop Guitars as its new distributor for the German market.

Lunastone will soon be shipping 4 new Pedals. Smooth Drive 1, Blue Drive 1, Distortion 1 and Red Fuzz 1. All of these new pedals will be introduced by the new distributors in their respective markets this Spring.

US Distribution

D&A Guitar Gear is a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative Guitar Stands and Accessories, which makes them the perfect partner for us in the US. Just like us, D&A Guitar Gear is focused more than anything on making great products with a view to great design, functionality and reliability, making the lives of musicians easier, better and more fun,

said Allan Strand, CEO of Lunastone Pedals.

Barry Mitchell, President of D&A Guitar Gear commented:

Lunastone Pedals offer musicians an impressive range of inspiring tone tools, built by an incredible team of passionate Guitar players who are committed to delivering great products. We are thrilled to be distributing Lunastone Pedals in the US and are excited to get Lunastone Pedals into the hands of our dealers who love to introduce new, hot products to their customers.

German Distribution

For the German market, Lunastone has now appointed Rooftop Guitars as its distributor. Frank Skygge, the founder of Rooftop Guitars, is also behind a chain of dedicated high-end and vintage guitar stores in Denmark, but runs a distribution company in parallel in Germany.

We looked into getting the Lunastone pedals in our own stores in Denmark and immediately loved the sound of them so when the opportunity arose, it was an easy decision to take the partnership to the next level and add the pedals to our distribution portfolio in Germany,

Frank Skygge comments.

We are very pleased to expand our partnership with Rooftop Guitars, as we have had nothing but great experiences dealing with them and have full confidence that they will be the perfect distributor for growing the German market for us,

Allan Strand finishes.

About LunaStone

LunaStone was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by guitarist and engineer, Steen Grøntved, in 2012. Steen is a passionate guitarist, but also an engineer and something of a dreamer who constantly pursues divine guitar tone. Decades of gigging and studio sessions taught him an important lesson: “Nothing takes away focus from the music like poor sound”, which triggered the obsession of creating the perfect overdrive pedal. The result is Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive concept, which is based on intensive listening tests of all potential components in isolation. Unlike most overdrive pedals, Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive pedals do not rely on diode clipping, but instead on cascaded gain stages, which makes them sound and behave dynamically like true tube amps being driven hard.

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