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Lunastone Pedals to Preview 4 New Pedals at NAMM 2018

Lunastone Pedals to Preview 4 New Pedals at NAMM 2018

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(Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 January 2018) The Danish guitar pedal company that has specialized in tube-like ‘true’ overdrive, expands the range and flavors of true dirt pedals at NAMM 2018 with four new pedals, covering Fuzz and Distortion, as well as two more subtle Overdrives.

These new pedals are expected to hit guitar shops worldwide during the Spring of 2018 at an expected retail price of approx. $199 / €199. In the meantime, Lunastone invites all NAMM 2018 attendees to come by Booth 4131 and try out these new pedals first hand.

Many guitarists already know what our TrueOverDrive concept sounds like. So, please hold that thought, as we’re now broadening the palette significantly by adding new flavors in both directions. But very importantly, while we’re now adding 4 new new dirt tracks to the Lunastone Grand Tour, we never left our philosophy on what great tone is. Not for a second!

says Lunastone founder and Head Engineer Steen Grøntved.


This hot-tempered baby is a screaming Hendrix-style Fuzz pedal, but with a sizzling almost synthesizer-like tone to it as well.

LunaStone RED FUZZ 1


This is a dedicated hard rock style pedal resembling the classic tone of iconic shredders such as Eddie van Halen.



Delicious and crunchy tone that is more focused on the meticulous details of the slightly gained range than simply adding maximum amounts of gain.

LunaStone BLUE DRIVE 1



This is one silky and smooth drive pedal that offers just a little edge. But make no mistake. A little edge this tasteful can go a very long way and will often make all of the difference!

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About LunaStone

LunaStone was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by guitarist and engineer, Steen Grøntved, in 2012. Steen is a passionate guitarist, but also an engineer and something of a dreamer who constantly pursues divine guitar tone. Decades of gigging and studio sessions taught him an important lesson: “Nothing takes away focus from the music like poor sound”, which triggered the obsession of creating the perfect overdrive pedal. The result is Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive concept, which is based on intensive listening tests of all potential components in isolation. Unlike most overdrive pedals, Lunastone’s TrueOverDrive pedals do not rely on diode clipping, but instead on cascaded gain stages, which makes them sound and behave dynamically like true tube amps being driven hard.

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