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Kinsman chromatic clip-on tuners KAC105 and KAC405

Kinsman introduce new chromatic clip-on instrument tuners

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Kinsman has introduced two new models to its popular range of multi-functional, chromatic clip-on tuners, the KAC105 and KAC405.

With a fully adjustable backlit LCD display, the KAC105 has a fast, accurate and smooth string response, ideal for momentary tuning during a song or soundcheck, lighting up green when a string is in tune. The KAC105 is a great choice and great value for acoustic, electric and bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and many other stringed instruments.

Brass and woodwind players need not feel left out, whilst the new Kinsman KAC405 is also ideal for stringed instruments, it’s been specifically designed for brass and woodwind instruments for fast, precise and accurate tuning. The swivel mount padded jaws of the KAC405 will comfortably fit on the bell of a saxophone, trumpet, oboe or clarinet for example. With an A4 calibration between 436Hz – 445Hz, and new 3D display creating a revolutionary visual effect, the KAC405 is perfect for soloists or orchestral members.

  • KAC105 Kinsman Chromatic clip-on tuner. £6.99 rrp
  • KAC405 Kinsman Chromatic clip-on tuner. £12.99 rrp
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