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Kemper new morphing feature with Profiler OS 4.0

Kemper Introduce Seamless ToneTravelling with the new Profiler OS 4.0

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New morphing feature allows for breathtaking transitions between even the most extreme sounds.

Kemper GmbH/ Ruhr Area, Germany, January 21st, 2016 (ictw) – At NAMM 2016 in Hall A, booth #6100 Kemper demonstrates the new morphing feature which becomes available for all owners of the acclaimed Kemper Profiler in OS Version 4.0.
The Kemper Profiler Morphing is the most easy to set up on the market and makes it possible for guitar players to seamlessly morph between the even most extreme tonal settings. The setup of more than a dozen parameter morphs only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require handling complicated lists or midi controllers. It is not even necessary to watch the display at all.

Either engaged automatically by just hitting a switch on the Profiler Remote or dynamically by using an expression pedal, all continuous parameters can be changed smoothly to take the tone from ultra dry clean rhythm to utmost distorted, FX soaked lead tones.

For breathtaking performances in the studio or live on stage morphing basically makes the typical “pedal board tap dance” a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter if morphing is “just” utilized to add a “more” mode to a current rig or for drastic changes that take the tone from 50’s classic tweed crunch to 2016 ultra boutique metal squeal – All this of course with control over the full arsenal of the Kemper Profiler’s FX.

Rule them all
Morphing allows for addressing all the continuous parameters in the currently selected Rig like Gain, EQ, FX Levels, Amp parameters, Tone, Mix, Feedback, etc. The fact that the unique Preamp Definition Parameter of the current Rig is also supported by morphing means that the basic tonal character of the amp sound can be taken from vintage dark with raunchy distortion to ultra pre shaped boutique metal chunk.

Easy Set up
Operation is simple and absolutely unique especially in the “guitarist’s world”. If used with an expression pedal the guitarist only needs to assign the pedal to “morphing”. Then he sets his basic parameters while the pedal is in the heel position. Then moving the pedal to the toe position the maximum parameters are ready to be set. That’s it, as easy as it gets. Now the player can seamlessly adjust the tone from min to max within the pedal’s range. All morph settings are stored per rig individually.

In use with the Kemper Profiler Remote. 
The Profiler OS 4.0 unlocks now the second level for each Rig with the Kemper Remote. Once the parameters are set for the second level, the upper LED for each slot lights up. Now either by switching or holding the current Rig switch (momentary or latch mode supported) the sound is morphed from the basic setting to the upper level setting. Releasing the switch after holding it initially or hitting the switch again takes the sound back to its original state. The ramp up and fallback time from basic to max can be freely adjusted in the Rig menu individually for each Rig or synched to the current tempo in musical time signatures like 2 bars for ramp up and 1 bar for fallback for example.

The Kemper Profiler OS 4.0 will be available as a free download some time in February 2016

Hear the morphing in action

Morphing engaged with an expression pedal

Morphing engaged with the Profiler Remote

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