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KAI Technology m.e. Virtual Reality Audio Device

KAI Technology m.e. Virtual Reality Audio Device

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Virtual Reality Audio Device Brings Listeners New World Through m.e. ™

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 23, 2017) — KAI Technology introduces m.e.™, a groundbreaking device capable of permanently changing musical perceptions, adding depth, dimension and definition that listeners never knew…or forgot, existed before. Virtual reality represents the future, inviting users to step into a 3D world of heightened sensory experience. But VR isn’t just about seeing; it’s also about hearing. The m.e. is a VR audio device that transforms the listening experience for various applications, from in-ear headsets and headphones to gaming, sound bars, car stereos, in-flight entertainment, and TVs. Simply connect m.e. to the audio device of choice and become immersed in a brand-new dimension that has blown away the pro-audio world upon first listen. The m.e. let’s you hear everything and proves that hearing is believing.

After using one of the prototypes, NewAtlas.com Editor Paul Ridden sited in his review,

Add the m.e. into the mix and you get stronger delivery and improved definition… sounding livelier and punchier.

The digital age has made music more accessible in numerous ways, but modern-day formats have their drawbacks. Namely, MP3’s and the new mastering techniques used to accommodate them turned music into a passive experience by squashing the dynamics of sound in favor of convenience. These compressed files often result in a flat audio experience. The unfortunate reality is that many listeners may think that compressed audio quality is normal.

“When you add the m.e. in the audio stream, it’s like you removed a film of filters that were blocking all the notes and vocals from being heard in their entirety,” explained John Kasha, CEO of KAI Technology Inc., engineers of the device.

The m.e. brings life back into audio and makes the listening experience active all over again.

How m.e. Works – Animation

With the push of a button, the listener will hear the volume increase without any background noise. Everything about the audio will sound bigger, wider and have more body, enabling every instrument, harmony, note, voice and nuance to be heard with unmatched clarity, like being on stage at a live concert or in a recording studio with professional audio equipment.

“It lifts those layers of electronics and artificialness out of the way… Everything you’ve heard—everything you thought you heard—m.e. will change it for you,” said Alvin Chea, a 10-time GRAMMY Award®-winning vocalist.

Alvin Chea of Take 6 Talks About the Revolutionary m.e.

Weighing just 3.7 oz, the m.e. is a lightweight device smaller than a tube of ChapStick®, and goes in-line with your wired headphone, speaker, or mobile device connection. It has an exceptionally durable design for everyday use and even stage performance. Its one-button operation is simple and straightforward. Just plug the input into the audio source such as a smartphone or PC, and plug the output into a headphone or powered speaker. With a smart on/off mode, the m.e. will shut off automatically in 30 seconds if there’s no audio present on the input. The battery can last up to 50 hours with this power-saving feature or up to 9 hours on continuous play. The m.e. charges in just 15 minutes with a USB charging cable that’s included in the package along with an audio cable and instructions.

Whether a music fan yearns for the glory days of vinyl audio on their mobile device or a gamer wants to be immersed in the soundtrack of their virtual world, m.e. makes audio fantasies a reality. At the current pre-order sale price of $59.95, the dream is well within reach.

As guitarist and producer Paul Jackson Jr. summarizes, “The m.e. is a game-changer in the listening experience, either for the average consumer or for the seasoned professional. Once you hear it, you will not want to go back and listen to music without it.”

Get Me Audio will be displaying at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, this January in the Sands Hall G, Booth #51668.

For a limited time only, the m.e. can be purchased directly online for $59.95

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