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Kahuna Ukuleles Felix The Cat Line

Kahuna Ukuleles Felix The Cat Line

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Kahuna Ukuleles Officially Launches Felix The Cat Line at Winter NAMM

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ – The cat’s out of the bag!  Kahuna Ukuleles is pleased to announce the new Felix The Cat line of ukuleles displayed at Winter NAMM 2017 are now available for purchase.  Designed in collaboration with renowned Felix artist Don Oriolo and OrioloTM Guitars, the new line of soprano instruments features four designs of the legendary cartoon cat.

Felix the Cat has been an internationally recognized cartoon superstar for decades, remaining an unparalleled pop culture icon nearly a century later.  Don Oriolo, son of Felix co-creator Joe Oriolo, has been in control of the Felix franchise since 1985, successfully implementing numerous licensing, merchandising, and marketing strategies for the legendary character. He has recently made a deal with DreamWorks, who will shepherd Felix into the future of film, TV and merchandising.  Now that Don and Oriolo Guitars are teaming with veteran manufacturers AP International (Floyd Rose), the popular feline figure will adorn their quality Kahuna instruments, auspiciously bringing together the music and animation worlds.

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