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JHS reveal all new lines at NAMM 2017

JHS reveal all new lines at NAMM 2017

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JHS & Co. Ltd. are pleased to announce a host of great new products from their proprietary and distributed brands showcased at NAMM 2017 and due to be available throughout the UK and ROI in the coming months.

BG France – Hall C Booth #4307

BG France are introducing the new DUO Ligatures for Soprano Sax, designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding and expressive players. With a number of different tonal options available, everyone can find their sound with ease, without compromise. Known as ‘The Orchestral & Soloist’s ligature’, the BG Duo has a focused tone, stable intonation in all registers, great projection with warm, bright sound and precise articulation. DUO Ligatures are handmade in France and available in 4 finishes: Silver plated, Gold Lacquered, Rose Gold and 24k Gold plated. Additionally, BG France will be adding a selection of Leather Saxophone Straps and slings as well as cleaning swabs for Flute and Clarinet.

BluGuitar – Hall C Booth #4490

The new BluBOX provides a collection of sought after virtual speaker cabinets in a sturdy, convenient pedal-sized housing, the result of Thomas Blug’s research and effort to offer the guitar players a great sounding “PA feed” and “direct recording” solution that works great with any guitar amp. Just select your favourite cab, fine-tune the sound with the Mic-Position controller and go! 16 classic, world-renowned cabs are available with the BluBOX, and wherever striking guitar sounds of the highest quality are needed for recording or direct PA feeding, the BluBOX has it covered, with or without a speaker cabinet!

Cavern Club / Marquee Club Licensed Instruments – Hall B Booth #5279

The Cavern Club Ukulele outfits come in three different artwork designs – ‘The Wall’, ’Fab Faces’ and the simply named ‘Cavern’ – all showing iconic internal scenes, superstars and historic bill posters from one of the worlds most famous venues, all complete with a carry bag, plectrum and pitch pipes for tuning and supplied in attractive, eye catching outer packaging. Meanwhile the Marquee Club Electric Guitars are extremely playable, great sounding six-string models with features and specification you would expect from much more expensive instruments and includes the Marquee ‘Axis’ and Marquee ‘Heaven’ models. Both guitars feature the Marquee Club logo and pics and images from two of the biggest acts to tread the boards at this truly historic venue.

Danelectro – Hall C Booth #4790

The new Danelectro ’84 model is a faithful reproduction of the classic twin cutaway, 3 single coil model introduced by Danelectro in that year, and used extensively by one of the world’s most renowned players. The Danelectro ’66 is a fixed bridge semi-hollow German carved top design with double lipstick hum bucker at the bridge and single coil neck pickup, described by them as “the finest guitar you have ever played”. Meanwhile the Danelectro ’64 Bass uses the distinct design an body shape of its six string counterpart to make a truly stunning bass with plenty of sonic possibilities.  Finally, the Danelectro Vintage 12 String and Vintage Baritone models are available in 3 colour options, with a pair of classic lipstick pickups, and ’S’ sound hole design.

Fishman – Hall C Booth #4340

New from Fishman the SA330x Performance Audio System is the go-to portable PA/amplifier for voice, playback and amplified acoustic instruments. Unlike many other similar-looking systems, the SA330x is built around a uniquely configured 2-way speaker system that delivers all the sweetness and definition of a great studio monitor. Ruggedly built and with plenty of power, the SA330x is the perfect solution for amazing sound in small and medium-sized venues.

Fret-King Guitars – Hall B Booth #5279

The all-new Fluence models combine the amazing playability and performance of the Trev Wilkinson designed Fret-King guitar range with the world-renowned pickup manufacturer Fishman’s superb Fluence pickup systems – providing the player with two distinct, iconic and noise-free tones.

Designed in conjunction with UK guitar genius Gordon Giltrap the Fret-King Elise ‘GG’ (FKV3HGG) features a unique set-in neck joint for astounding upper fret access and easy playability. The Wilkinson WDGa mini neck and WVC bridge double coil pickups provide a whole raft of superb, classic tones due to their historically accurate designs, and Wilkinson Vari-coil control.

Graph Tech – Hall B Booth #5964

Available in locking, non-locking and for acoustic and electric models, Graph Tech’s Ratio Machine Heads will now come equipped with an assortment of patented InvisoMatch mounting plates. Just match the plate to the existing mounting screw pattern on the machine heads you are replacing, and you are pretty well done, perfectly aligned, and no extra holes to drill or fill in. One set of Ratio’s will fit hundreds of different models of guitars, without modification. Meanwhile Dry and Glide is an engineered talc formula designed to keep your hands dry, neutralize the acids to stop corrosion and feel super smooth. It’s patent‐pending formula and unique roll‐on applicator makes it a must for any guitarist, drummer, or brass and woodwind player, wanting an easy way to keep their hands dry and a smooth. Its PH balancing formula protects instruments, strings, and cymbals from corrosion, all while creating an effortless feel when they play. Finally, the new Slat Wall Packages by Graph Tech are two complete packages with everything you need to start selling. Each package contains Graph Tech branded slat wall covers that just slide on to your existing slat wall, product hooks and an assortment of the hottest selling Graph Tech products.

HK Audio – Hall A Booth # 6640

The LUCAS NANO 602, is HK Audio’s latest and most affordable professional, portable PA system. The ideal compact PA for any musician or DJ who prefers to use their own external mixer, the 460 watt LUCAS NANO 602 features one stereo input and can be flexibly set up as a small-footprint mono or stereo setup in seconds.

Hughes & Kettner – Level 2 Booth #210B

The world’s smartest all-tube guitar amplifier the Hughes & Kettner’s GrandMeister Deluxe 40 has been developed using renowned tone-shaping components inspired by the brand’s multiple award-winning TriAmp Mark 3 flagship. Every knob and switch setting can be easily saved, stored and recalled including the studio-quality on-board FX, gain and EQ values. Technological innovations like an on-board Power Soak, Tube Safety Control and the Red Box AE’s outstanding DI speaker simulation are also included. Plus, there’s a free optional GM40 REMOTE App for iPad that lets players watch, touch and control all of the amp’s features on one handy screen, as well as backing up and sharing their favourite sounds.

Italia Guitars – Hall B booth #5283

Italia’s Maranello Bass Series will now include the Cavo. Featuring a chambered Mahogany body construction with Italia’s signature f-hole design, resulting in a stunningly classic vintage look, the Cavo’s light weight, and 30” scale length, make this a very comfortable instrument. Meanwhile, possibly the most tonally diverse 6 string ever made the new Imola Vario has some fresh, clean design changes, a redesigned body cavity for better tone as well as weight reduction, and even more tonal variation in the pickup configurations. Classic style 3-way switches split the bass and treble sides of all 3 Italia Duplex pickups (or to control the SIX mini pickups). An added 5-position rotary switch allows you to dial every combination imaginable.

LEWITT – Hall A Booth #6464

The INTERVIEWER is a sturdy dynamic microphone that features an omnidirectional polar pattern. Its capsule is fully rubber mounted which with new coating technology reduces all handling noise to a minimum while offering safe and comfortable grip. Meanwhile the LCT 440 PURE represents the distilled essence of their top-of-the-line technology packed into a sturdy, stylish and compact housing. Finally, focusing on the essentials is the tag-line for the soon-to-be-released LCT 240 PRO, a very versatile cardioid condenser microphone designed for everyone who’s willing to take the next step toward professional recording.

Perri’s Leathers Ltd.  – Hall B Booth #5276

US strap designers Perri’s Leathers Ltd. will be introducing the new Hope and Emoji strap ranges. The Hope Collection designs were selected by Selena Perri, daughter of company President Anthony, and are dedicated to Selena’s ongoing recovery from kidney disease. When Perri’s peers in the music industry (some direct competitors) rallied behind Selena to engage the help of Boston Children’s Hospital and give her hope for a bright and healthy future, Perris wanted to raise awareness about the great work happening at this fantastic facility. Meanwhile, the Emoji Series feature a range of all the most instantly recognisable designs and texting symbols.

Pigtronix – Hall B Booth #5856

The Pigtronix Disnortion Micro packs all the sonic glory and 18V headroom of the original analog Fuzz and Overdrive circuits from the large-format Disnortion pedal into a miniature version that runs on 9-volts. Loved for its limitless headroom, making it compatible with any instrument, from the weakest 60’s pawnshop single coils to the most belligerent humbuckers, as well as 5-string active basses and modern synth rigs, the Pigtronix Disnortion Micro achieves this world-class performance standard using standard 9v power… and fits in your pocket!

String Swing – Hall C Booth #4378

Designed to be the best of the best, display your guitar with hand-selected domestic real hardwoods to set it apart from the rest, thanks to new Custom Shop Guitar Keeper hangers from String Swing. Complete with a hidden mounting plate, used to create a clean, finished look with no visible mounting hardware (mounting hardware is included) the “Guitar Keeper” has a deep cradle design that prevents the guitar from being improperly placed in its hanger, promoting safer handling of your instrument. The yoke pivots to cradle the guitar’s headstock & is an ideal design for guitars which have a headstock with single or uneven heels.

Supro – Hall B Booth #5856

The Supro revival continues with the introduction of fourteen new electric guitars based on vintage models from this legendary American brand. Working with master-designer Trev Wilkinson, vintage pickup expert Ken Calvet and virtuoso luthier Glenn Sweetwood, Supro USA have updated the playability of these classic designs while meticulously capturing the period-correct electronics and unique construction details of the original Chicago-made models. The Americana Series guitars are replicas of the Supro “reso-glass” instruments, uniquely constructed with a chambered mahogany body and resonant molded top, whilst the Island Series guitars are updated, high-performance instruments based on the 1962 version of the Supro Ozark.

Vintage Guitars – Hall B Booth #5279

The new Vintage Paul Brett ’Statesboro’ 12 String is an accurate homage to the 1930’s guitar used extensively by legendary blues guitarist Blind Willie McTell. Available in both acoustic (V5000SB-12) and electro-acoustic models (VE5000SB-12 – with the addition of a Fishman PRO-REP-102 Rare Earth Humbucker soundhole pickup system) the Statesboro’ is ideal for traditional blues pickers and is also able to handle many other styles and tunings, depending on string gauges.

Also endorsed by Gordon Giltrap and designed by one of the UK’s most respected luthiers, the new Vintage Roger Williams Signature Electro-Acoustic Crossover guitar (VE9000RW) features a solid A-grade cedar top with solid back and sides, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard. The addition of a bone nut and saddle makes this an incredibly responsive and resonant guitar, accurately captured by the onboard Fishman INK + pre-amp and pickup system.

Completing a trio of instruments getting their US launch at NAMM 2017 with Gordon’s seal of approval, the Vintage ‘D-Day’ Mandolin (VPM44) is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made over 70 years ago by remarkable servicemen and women. Owned by a survivor of the Omaha Beach D-Day landings, the original mandolin was known to have been gifted to Ken Small who had established a permanent memorial to 639 American servicemen who lost their lives during ‘Exercise Tiger’, one of several full scale rehearsals off the south coast of England in the months prior to D-Day.

Warwick Music Group – Hall D Booth #2530

Adding to their already incredible successful pBuzz, pBone and pTrumpet ranges, Warwick Music Group now offer replacement plastic mouthpieces for use with their proprietary pBone or any brass trombones. Perfect for all playing environments and buzzing practice the mouthpieces are available in four sizes – 1.5G,  5G, 6.5AL Large Shank and 6.5AL Small Shank,- all made in Britain and featuring a BioCote anti-microbial protection.

Xvive – Hall C Booth #4490

The amazing XU2 Wireless System from Xvive is now available in a cool gloss black finish. Providing superb wireless reproduction for your instrument without any latency or loss of signal, the XU2 has been a best seller since its introduction last year.

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