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JHS gear up for NAMM 2018 with Vintage Reissued

JHS gear up for NAMM 2018 with Vintage Reissued.

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With their killer looks, superb playability and awesome Trev Wilkinson designed hardware, the Vintage Reissued Series electric guitars and basses have really made an impact globally, with a host of top name players now using them on some of the biggest stages around the world.

Now the range has expanded further, with a host of new models and colour options available and JHS are delighted to be once again at the NAMM Show Booth 6404 with their US distributor RBI Music to show them for the very first time.

V100 – ‘OC’ Open Cover Series

The V100TBK is a Thru-Black version of this top selling instrument. Featuring a solid mahogany body and set in mahogany neck (cleverly contoured to provide easy upper fret access), the eye-catching flamed maple top is the icing on the cake. A matched pair of Wilkinson open coil pickups provide plenty of classic vintage tones, and industry standard Wilkinson hardware mean hassle-free performance at every show. Also joining the V100 series is the V100THB with a Flamed Maple Honeyburst top and the V100TWR with a Flamed Maple Thru Wine Red top.

Vintage V100TWR


All V6 models feature American alder bodies and maple necks and are again fitted with superb Wilkinson hardware such as the WV6 vibrato system and E-Z-Lok machine heads that guarantee accurate return-to-pitch operation every time. Already available in a variety of finishes, the V6 range now includes three new colour ways, Candy Apple Blue (V6CAB) Natural Ash with maple fingerboard (V6MNAT) and Vintage White (V6VW). Additionally, the Gloss Black V6HMBB offers a maple board with a bridge doublecoil pickup.

Vintage V6MNAT


Joining the always popular VS6 series is the new VS6M. Resplendent in its Dark Mahogany finish, the VS6M has an easy upper fret access thanks to its ingenious heel design and cutaway, and a pair of Wilkinson double coil pickups that simply ooze vintage tone and sustain.

Vintage VS6M


Released in 2015 to a flurry of great reviews, the V6M24 range features a Wilkinson WVS50II vibrato system, and a matched pair of Wilkinson high-output double coil pickups. Ideal for a variety of styles and genres the V6M24 will now be available in Gloss Black (V6M24BK) and Purple (V6M24PL).


New to the Vintage range, the V75 will sit alongside its sister guitars the V52 and V62 models which have proven themselves on stages around the world on tour with artists such as Neil Taylor, Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell, Paul Guerin and a whole host of top name Nashville players such as Michael Spriggs, Hoot Hester and Mike Severs. With an American Alder body, and one piece maple neck and fingerboard, the V75 also features the remarkable Wilkinson WTB bridge. Due to its unique design, the three brass saddles and steel plate provide the traditional tonal response this guitar is famed for, whilst the chamfer points for each string allow the player to accurately intonate the guitar. Finally, a pair of matched Wilkinson pickups capture the all the sounds you’d expect to hear. The V75 will be available in Gloss Black (V75BK) and Laguna Blue (V75LB).

Meanwhile the Vintage bass guitar range is also expanding with some exciting new finishes and 5 string models.

Vintage V75LB

V4 Bass

The Vintage V4 bass is an homage to arguably the greatest bass guitar design of all time. An American alder body is matched to a Hard Maple neck, whilst a Wilkinson bridge and split pickup system catch all the sustain and massive tonal range. Now available in Bayview Blue (V4BBL) and Firenza Red with one-piece Maple neck and fingerboard (V4MFR).

Vintage V4BBL

VJ74 Bass

Made from the same materials and hardware as the V4, the VJ74 employs a matched pair of the new Wilkinson Varigauss Pickups – a design that provides more warmth to the higher strings and more focus and brightness for the lower strings – making them ideal for slap, rock, jazz, funk and many other styles. Joining this popular range are three new finishes – Purple (VJ74PL), Candy Apple Red (VJ74CAR) and Vintage White with one-piece Maple neck and fingerboard (VJ74MVW).

Vintage VJ74MVW

VJ75 Bass

Brand new to the Vintage line up, the VJ75 offers a five-string option to the VJ74 with the same great spec and hardware. Available in three finishes, Natural Ash (VJ75NAT), Gloss Black (VJ75BK) and Sunset Sunburst (VJ75SSB) these superb new instruments are sure to cause a lot of excitement with their hi-spec and great looks.

Vintage VJ75MSSB

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