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Hamstead updated Signature Analogue Tremolo Pedal

Hamstead updated Signature Analogue Tremolo Pedal

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Hamstead Soundworks Launch Updated “Signature Analogue Tremolo” Pedal

The Hamstead MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo pedal is a new addition to the company’s line of premium effects pedals – a pedalboard friendly version of the in- house designed ‘Signature Sinewave’ tremolo circuit, as featured in this British company’s popular hand-built Artist +RT Series amplifiers.

Now coupled with two additional tremolo modes, “Classic” and “Triangle”, in addition to wave shaping capabilities, expression & speed control pedal support, and a 10dB boost circuit: the new Hamstead MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo is one of the most musical sounding and versatile all-analogue tremolo pedals available.

Hamstead updated Signature Analogue Tremolo Pedal

All three modulation modes are selectable via a mini toggle switch:

Sine Wave:

Delivers Hamstead’s own perfectly sinusoidal circuit for the cleanest, smoothest and most musical sounding tremolo.


Replicates the familiar tremolo sounds found in vintage amplifiers and thousands of seminal records from the 1950s to the present day.


Creates a surprisingly natural sounding tremolo effect, particularly useful and versatile when used with the “Shape” control.

Controls: Shape/Depth/Speed/Gain


The Shape control is another new feature for the MkII and allows the ability to tilt any of the waveforms to the left or right. For example, in Triangle mode this can create both up and reverse sawtooth waveforms for more modern tremolo effects and can really accentuate the thump of output bias style tremolo in Classic mode.


Controls the intensity of the effect (0-100%) from subtle modulation movement through to aggressive, side-chain style pumping volume.


Varies the rate of effect from 0.4 to 15Hz. This can also be controlled via an external expression pedal or high/low speed remote using the “Control” input.


The new Hamstead MkII Signature Tremolo also incorporates a transparent boost circuit providing up to +10dB via the Gain control. The depth circuit has built in compensation against perceived volume loss, so Gain can be used to accentuate the modulation effect, fatten the front end of any amp, or be used as a solo boost.

The new MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo from Hamstead Soundworks is a 100% analogue design, including waveform creation. Many “analogue” pedals in fact use digital waveform circuitry, however in-house blind tests concluded that an analogue circuit, although more complex to create, was sonically superior.

This pedal features silent switching and The GigRig’s OptoKick footswitch for excellent reliability, can handle line-level signals, and operates with an extremely low noise floor.

Used by artists including Nick Perri of The Underground Thieves, the MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo designed by Peter Hamstead is built to the highest standards, delivering a versatile range of highly flexible tremolo effect for electrified instruments.

Demo Hamstead MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo

Video Living Room Gear Demos

Hamstead Soundworks Signature Analogue Tremolo £219/€249/$279 USD RRP.

About Hamstead Soundworks

Hamstead Soundworks have earned a position in the music industry as one of the world’s finest hand-built, British guitar amplifier manufacturers. The new Signature Analogue Tremolo pedal joins the growing range of all-analogue pedals designed by Peter Hamstead.

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