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Guitarists Andy James and Andre Nieri Play GRUV LIVE 2020

Guitarists Andy James and Andre Nieri Play GRUV LIVE 2020

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Orange County, California (January 8th, 2020) – Gruv Gearis thrilled to announce that Andy James and Andre Neiri will be joined by top musicians to perform at the annual GRUV LIVE concert, at The Vault on Saturday January 18, 2020 at 7:00pm.

Andy James is a British guitar phenomenon, and regarded as the UK’s rising star in the world of shred and metal guitar. He has earned himself a place amongst the very best in the world as one of the most technically proficient metal guitarists today. Andy is also a member of the band Sacred Mother Tongue. Andre Nieri is an electric / classical guitar player. His playing create harmonious blends of Flamenco phrases with rock leads and infuses Blues with Bossa Nova to create a unique sound. He currently tours with drumming superstar Virgil Donati.

Supporting this exciting guitar line-up are drumming legend Virgil Donati, studio expert Paul Gonzalez, teenage drum prodigy Jamie-Leigh Schultz, Stevie Wonder’s percussionist Euro Zambrano, bassist Henrik Linder of internet sensation Dirty Loops, Latin bass legend Oskar Cartaya, Kenneth ‘Kaybass’ Diggs II with his insane bass chops, Brazil’s very own Junior Ribeiro Braguinha, and 12-year-old keyboard/talkbox prodigy Justin-Lee Schultz.

The evening promises to be packed with diverse music from many different genres full of great music, killer jams and surprising collaborations. All made into a truly extraordinary experience at the Vault, with its superb technology, giant video screen, VIP artist loft, limited early bird seating, fresh In-N-Out Burgers on-site and a Starbucks café. The Vault is located at 1200 West Alvarez Avenue, Orange, California 92868, just 4 miles from The NAMM Show.

Tickets to this incredible music event are limited and start at $20, with additional options for meals and exclusive seating. Tickets can be obtained from http://www.gruv.live. Book now before they all go! A portion of proceeds from GRUV LIVE will benefit the DW Music Foundation, a charity focused on providing the gift of music to underserved communities of all ages, through instrument donations, educational resources, and mentorships.

GRUV LIVE is proudly sponsored by Drum Workshop, Mayones, Empire Ears, Kirlin, Roland and Krane among other top global brands.

To find out more about Gruv Gear, its products, and the GRUV LIVE event, please go to http://www.gruvgear.com and http://www.gruv.live.

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