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GHS Strings: Latest Bassics Amps And Pedals Now Available

GHS Strings: Latest Bassics Amps And Pedals Now Available

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Battle Creek, MI, 16th July 2018 – Garnering critical acclaim at the NAMM show earlier this year, Bassics is proud to announce their next line of innovative pedals and amps are ready for dealers.

What started with the acclaimed BPA-1 floor preamplifier, is now complemented with a power amp, bass head and four pedals, all designed by world-renowned studio engineer, Malcolm Toft and distributed in the US exclusively through GHS Strings.

The AH-900 bass amp boasts 900w output, illuminated controls, a studio-quality compressor with three-band EQ, all of which can be easily bypassed. These features are enclosed in a lightweight enclosure and presented in a tailor-made carry bag.

Bassics AH900

The A-900 is a no-frills, lightweight 900w power amplifier, designed for bass players that rely on a large effect board, or use standalone preamplifiers and is a perfect complement to the BPA-1.

Bassics A900

The four pedals bring extra options to the bass player. The Cruncher distortion pedal offers a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ setting, with the former adding extra harmonics. Also, suitable for guitarists. The Squeezer compressor pedal is a studio quality VCA, with a sound much like the revered dbx160 compressor. The Tone Ranger EQ pedal provides a range of EQ and frequencies not found on most amp heads and the Omni Pre is a very versatile two input switcher, each with their own volume controls. It can also act as a mixer, headphone practice amp or studio quality D.I. box.

The growing list of top bass players using Bassics products include: Pino Paladino (John Meyer, The Who, Eric Clapton etc.) Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Chris Childs, (Thunder), Phil Soussan (Ossie Osbourne) and Tony Visconti, (David Bowie’s producer).

To find out more about the Bassics products please go to http://bassics.co.uk/. To find out more about GHS Strings and its products please go to http://www.ghsstrings.com/ and to find out more about Rocktron please go to http://www.rocktron.com/.

Please contact your GHS Sales Representative for US Dealer Inquiries and pricing.

About GHS Strings

GHS Strings has been at the forefront of string innovation for more than fifty years. This family owned business, based in Battle Creek Michigan manufactures strings for a wide range of fretted instruments including electric, bass, acoustic, classical guitar, mandolins, banjos and more. GHS collaborates closely with a number of key artists including David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Warren Haynes (The Allman Brothers) and Muriel Anderson. Known as “The String Experts”, GHS utilizes their knowledge and experience to select the highest quality materials and their own closely guarded manufacturing processes to ensure their strings have a world-class tone and a long-lasting performance.

About Bassics

Malcolm Toft is the designer behind the Bassics range. He has been in pro audio for over 40 years with an illustrious career. He has been awarded a professorship in music and has often been referred to as a legend in the music industry for both his engineering history and for the ranges of pro audio equipment he has designed. He is a huge advocate for analogue sound and brings his unique signature to all that he designs.

Toft started off his Career with Tony Pike Music in 1964. In the late 60’s he started at the famous Trident Studios, as their first engineer recording many legendary artists including T-Rex, David Bowie, James Taylor, as well as engineering ‘Hey Jude’ for The Beatles. However, trident studios only had a 16-track desk. In 1971 Malcolm designed and created a 24-track console specifically for the them. The huge success of the ‘A Range’ led him to managing Trident Audio Developments LTD (TRIAD) where he made many consoles for studios around the world and cemented his name in pro-audio equipment.

Since TRIAD, Malcolm Toft has gone on to create a range of very popular equipment under the names of MTA (Malcolm Toft Associates), Toft Audio Designs and Ocean Audio. Today he is working hard to launch an exciting new, very unique Bassics range to market, not only for the pro-audio industry but for all musicians. Bringing his signature style of designing equipment for the music industry and creating a beautiful analogue sound, Toft has created a game changer for Bass Guitarists. Unlike anything currently on the market, the range of Bassics equipment is designed to fill a niche and to bring an exciting new pre-amplification system to the foot of musicians.

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