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Fredric Effects announce the BugCrusher

Fredric Effects announce the BugCrusher

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Fredric Effects are proud to announce the BugCrusher

The BugCrusher is an Analogue Sample Rate Reducer – a Sample & Hold circuit run at audio rates – which produces aliasing effects on your signal. With the Rate set high this imparts a clear fizzle & crunch, while at low rates any high frequencies will seem to wrap-around in an effect somewhat akin to a clean ring-mod.

More information, demos and buy-it-now buttons on the Fredric site: www.fredric.co.uk/bugcrusher

Fredric Effects Bugcrusher – Demo

Video by Tim Webster

About Fredric Effects

Based in North London, Fredric Effects has grown since 2011 to become one of the UK’s most highly regarded effects manufacturers. We build high quality handmade boutique pedals at realistic prices working musicians can afford. Fredric Effects pedals have found their way onto the pedal boards of many well-known and ground-breaking guitarists and bassists around the world.

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