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Focusrite’s Red interfaces

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The perfect partner for Pro Tools | HD

Now that Avid® are unbundling HD hardware, software and interfaces, you’re free to buy only the elements of a system that you want from Avid – the software on its own, or with an HD Native or HDX card – and buy a third-party interface of your choice. This is where Focusrite’s RedNet and the new Red interfaces come in. Whether your Pro Tools® system is large or small, Focusrite provides the interfaces you need for maximum quality and exceptional versatility.

Red and Pro Tools | HD

Focusrite Red and Pro Tools | HD

Featuring Focusrite’s high-precision, low-noise conversion, multiple connectivity, minimal latency and beautiful yet robust design, Focusrite’s Red 4Pre and the new Red 8Pre make the perfect partners for Pro Tools | HD.

The Red 4Pre (four ‘Red Evolution’ digitally-controlled preamps and 58 inputs/64 outputs) and Red 8Pre (eight preamps and 64 inputs / 64 outputs, including a total of 16 analogue inputs and 18 analogue outputs) both connect directly to Pro Tools | HD via dual DigiLink™ connectors, and include two front-panel high-headroom instrument inputs, plus Dante™ network audio connectivity with automatic routing. Red’s ‘Red Evolution’ preamps feature the ‘Air’ effect – an analogue emulation of the heritage Focusrite ISA transformer-based preamp sound.

RedNet and Pro Tools | HD

Focusrite RedNet and Pro Tools | HD

RedNet is Focusrite’s flagship range of modular Dante-based audio-over-IP interfaces, combining Focusrite’s rich heritage of creating great sounding audio hardware with Audinate’s robust and reliable Dante network audio system. RedNet embodies Focusrite’s advanced A-D / D-A conversion, along with rock-solid clocking and premium analogue circuitry, and the range features models specifically designed to link Dante to Pro Tools.

Focusrite’s RedNet 5 and HD32R interfaces – the latter with full network and power supply redundancy – bridge between Pro Tools | HD and the Dante audio network, behaving just like standard Pro Tools interfaces, with each RedNet unit capable of routing 32 input and 32 output channels between the Dante network and a Pro Tools | HD system. The RedNet bridge is connected to Pro Tools via standard mini DigiLink connectors. Multiple RedNet 5 and/or HD32R units can be used with a Pro Tools | HDX system. RedNet I/O interfaces can then be added to pass high-quality audio around the network with near-zero latencies.

RedNet to Pro Tools bridges can be used with both older Pro Tools | HD systems and the very latest Pro Tools | HD Native or Pro Tools HDX systems – and alongside existing Avid or Digidesign®interfaces, allowing owners to make the most of their existing equipment.

In every sense, an interface from Focusrite makes the perfect partner for Pro Tools | HD.

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