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The Focusrite Group announces Addictive Keys bundles

The Focusrite Group announces Addictive Keys bundles

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Global music and audio products company The Focusrite Group today announced that the XLN Audio Addictive Keys virtual instrument is now included for free with all Focusrite interfaces and selected Novation products.

Addictive Keys is free with all Focusrite audio interfaces, all Novation controller keyboards and the Novation Launchpad Pro grid instrument, and is available for existing customers as well as new customers. Eligible customers receive one full license per account, which enables them to choose one world-class Addictive Keys instrument:

  • Modern Upright
  • Studio Grand
  • Electric Grand
  • Mark One

Addictive Keys is a powerful tool for musicians, producers and songwriters. With its unique approach to sound creation, smart workflow, fast loading times and high-quality presets, Addictive Keys is perfect for any production style or music genre.

Addictive Keys supports all of the major plug-in formats: VST, AU and AAX (32 and 64-bit), so it can be used within most music applications including Pro Tools, SONAR, Cubase, Logic, Live and many others. Addictive Keys can also work as a standalone instrument, without requiring host music software. This makes it easy to load an instrument, find an inspiring preset, and start playing, without having to launch any other music software.

XLN Audio is a Swedish software company that makes award-winning virtual instruments, plug-ins and sound content for music makers. Since its inception in 2005, the company has gained worldwide acclaim by focusing on making products that are inspiring, powerful and easy to use. Their most popular products include the Addictive Drums and Addictive Keys virtual instruments, both of which have become go-to products for today’s biggest producers and performing artists. XLN Audio is the latest company that Focusrite has worked with to offer high-quality software. The Focusrite Group has also been working on more offers from acclaimed software companies for 2017.

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