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Fiedler Audio starts massive End of Summer Sale

Fiedler Audio starts massive End of Summer Sale

Guitar Pro 8 - Black Friday sale

Atmos to the People! Fiedler Audio starts massive End of Summer Sale – celebrating immersive music production with Spacelab 1.5 and the Dolby Atmos Composer

Producing and Mixing Music in Dolby Atmos has never been easier and has never sounded better than with the Dolby Atmos Composer and the amazing 3D Reverb Spacelab.

Fiedler Audio/ Germany, October 9th, 2023 – Fiedler Audio, the German reverb professionals and renowned specialists for „space-in-audio creation tools” today announced the beginning of the End of Summer Sale on all Fiedler Audio Products and some powerful bundles.

Visit the End of Summer Sales page for details: https://fiedler-audio.com/end-of-summer-sale/

Spacelab 1.5 is Fiedler’s acclaimed 3D Reverb developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute. Spacelab 1.5 now seamlessly integrates with the Dolby Atmos Composer.

In a nutshell: The Fiedler Audio Immersive Audio Tools

The Fiedler Audio Dolby Atmos tools empower any DAW to Dolby Atmos production and mixing: Atmos to the people! For more creative immersive music content from independent musicians!

Approved by Dolby Labs, the Dolby Atmos Composer annihilates all the unnecessary burden of manual setup for Atmos workflow as well as the need to use a DAW capable of immersive audio production. The Dolby Atmos Composer comes with a versatile panning plugin called Dolby Atmos Beam which allows to automate complex movements and circumvent the DAW’s limitations.

The Dolby Atmos Composer fully integrates with world-class 3D reverb.

From version 1.5 onwards the renowned 3D reverb Spacelab directly connects to the Dolby Atmos Composer bringing world-class immersive reverberation to Dolby Atmos mixes with just one simple click. No complex routing or anything. And that on any DAW.

Advanced mixing workflows.

With the Dolby Atmos Composer workflow all the features of your DAW, favorite plugins, be it effects or instruments, contribute to the Dolby Atmos mix. It is possible to record new tracks while already mixing for Dolby Atmos, something which is impossible when using certain standard Dolby Atmos workflows especially on Pro Tools.

Publish on all major platforms.

Export as ADM/BWF for direct distribution to platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Netflix.

For further information please visit: www.fiedler-audio.com
More Information on Fraunhofer IIS: www.iis.fraunhofer.de/audio

About Fiedler Audio

Fiedler Audio stands for the highest quality in sound and design. Founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany, Fiedler Audio is dedicated to the creation of professional music and audio software for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. The company’s mission is to provide extraordinary audio production tools for musicians, DJs, audio engineers, and producers. Be it in the studio, at an event or gig, at home on the sofa, or in the park – Fiedler Audio software opens up new creative horizons. www.fiedler-audio.com

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