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Fender Acoustic Pro Amp Series

Fender Acoustic Pro Amp Series

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Fenders new acoustic guitar amplifiers are full-featured amps voiced specifically to deliver a full, clear and resonant acoustic sound. Whether you are strumming along your favorite tunes or you are a fingerpicker these amps will provide you with a natural and full acoustic guitar sound.

In my opinion a great acoustic guitar amp should amplify your acoustic guitar in the most natural way without coloring or sophisticate the native sound of your guitar too much. Fenders new acoustic pro amp series does a really good job on that.

There are two different models available:

  • The Acoustic Pro
  • and the Acoustic SFX

Both the Acoustic Pro and the Acoustic SFX have two universal channels designed for use with guitars or microphones, each with its own 1/4”-XLR combo. Both are equipped with a high quality equalizer and onboard hall reverb.

In addition the Acoustic SFX has onboard echo, delay and vibratone effects. It is equipped with a revolutionary Stereo Field Expansion (SFX) engineering. The SFX technology offers enhanced tonal imaging capability, delivering stereo sound left, right and center.

Watch Fenders promo-video of the Acoustic Pro Series:

I really like the look of the new Fender Acoustic Pro amplifiers. The eye-catching contours of the wraparound wood cabinet is the perfect partner look for your acoustic guitar.

If you’re in the market for a simple to use and great sounding acoustic amp you should give the Fender Acoustic Pro amplifier a try.

For more information please visit the Fender Website:

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