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EverTune Announces the EverTune Bass Bridge

EverTune Announces the EverTune Bass Bridge

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Legendary Tuning and Intonation, Now for Bass

EverTune is thrilled to announce the completion of the EverTune Bass Bridge, which will deliver to bassists worldwide the unprecedented tuning stability and flawless intonation that made the original EverTune bridge famous.

Trusted OEM partners will be releasing factory models with the bridge later in the year, answering longstanding demand from the bass community. Players looking to retrofit their existing instruments or purchase AfterMarket Upgrade basses will be able to do so even sooner. Those who do will find an elegant design — with a small footprint and minimal routing — that will transform their bass into a truly state-of-the-art machine.

EverTune Announces the EverTune Bass Bridge

Polyphonic, chordal, and tapping passages in all registers will intonate like never before. And, as with every EverTune product, the pitch of the attack of the note will be the same as the pitch of the sustain of that note, eliminating the frustrating pitch jump that affects low-tuned strings and providing incredibly tight and stable recordings and performances. The bass of the future is a reality.

EverTune Announces the EverTune Bass Bridge

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