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The story of Draco

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As Alistair prepares for yet another trip to Thailand, the home of Draco, to discuss another custom commission, we thought we would tell you the story behind this incredible five-string bass.

“My customer had seen Leehom’s Bahamut and wanted a dragon of his own. It was going to be a bass, so we had a bigger platform to work with. The brief was quite simple, the bass had to be a flying dragon in outstretched flight. It was going to be very different from than anything I had built before, but the challenge was the reward.”

The Irish luthier built Draco in the summer of 2009, exactly one year after building Bahamut. “It felt nice to be back being able to stretch my creative muscles. I wanted this dragon to be as detailed on the back as on the front and we had more time than with Leehom, so I could add even more detail. It was again a special time working so intimately on a project.

“I had completed the body and I realized we had to do something special with the headstock, so I built another dragon that sat on the headstock looking down towards its bigger brother. Then to stretch the detail even more, I commissioned a local jeweler to build miniature dragons to become the tuning buttons.”

Having Bahamut, and previously the Alien, there was only one color it could be, Chrome. And so yet another chrome dragon was brought to life complete with blue LED’s in the eyes.

When it was completed the customer invited Alistair to bring the bass in person. “So off we flew to Bangkok. It was a great pleasure to be able to deliver this very special guitar in person and as a special bonus he treated me to a two week vacation in Thailand. Thank you Ekkasit for entrusting me with this build and I will never forget my time in Thailand!”

For more information about Emerald Guitars please visit their website at www.emeraldguitars.com

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