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EBS Black Haze 2 - blended drive

New at NAMM: EBS Black Haze 2 – blended drive

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The EBS Black Haze 2 is the ultimate solution for a rich and creamy drive sound for your bass or guitar while keeping a solid bottom.

Experience a world of sonic possibilities with three different types of drive engines. Choose between a Deep low-end fuzzy drive or a more gnarly overdrive with Normal selected. The Thin position adds tightness and presence.

The new Blend control lets you precisely determine the perfect balance between your clean signal and the gripping drive. We’ve included a convenient Gain adjustment pot inside the pedal, ensuring you can compensate for the volume if you experience a drop in level at your desired mix setting.

EBS Black Haze 2 - blended drive

The Black Haze 2 runs on 9V DC but can be powered by up to 18V DC for enhanced headroom.

The Black Haze 2 is created with the bass player in mind but is also suitable for guitar.

Estimated Price: € 139.00 / $169.99

For more details, visit: ebssweden.com

About EBS

EBS Professional Bass Equipment is a leading provider of high-quality equipment for bass players. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, EBS delivers products that empower musicians to create, perform, and inspire.

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