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EBS ClassicLine 212 Mini-tower Bass Cabinet

New at NAMM: EBS ClassicLine 212 Mini-tower Bass Cabinet

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The new EBS ClassicLine 212 (EBS-S212CL) standing bass cabinet embodies the essence of rock’n roll, offering remarkable sound quality and a sleek, compact design in the perfect size for the stages most of us play. It resembles an 810 cabinet in appearance but weighs less, is smaller, and is easier to handle. And it just looks stunning.

The two 12″ speakers are placed in a straight vertical line, minimizing phase issues and optimizing bass response. These speakers deliver phenomenal rock tones while the adjustable tweeter adds versatility and brilliance as desired. The port is on the back of the cabinet to prevent the front cloth from vibrating.

This cabinet perfectly complements the EBS Classic 500 head, enabling you to create a cohesive matching stack. Pairing stunning aesthetics with outstanding performance, the EBS Classic 212 Mini-tower is an irresistible choice for bass players who want the rumble but without a back-breaking size cab. The EBS Reidmar amps are excellent alternatives to the Classic 500 head to cut the weight even more.

Features include tilt and side handles, heavy-duty wheels, and a padded cover.


  • 2×12″ Speakers + adjustable tweeter.
  • Speaker impedance: 4 Ohms.
  • Power handling: 500W RMS.
  • Weight: 31 kg / 68 lbs.
  • Size (H x W x D): 80 cm / 31.49″ x 51 cm / 20.07″ x 36 cm / 14.17″


€ 999.00 / $1,299.99

Find out more at ebssweden.com

About EBS

EBS Professional Bass Equipment is a leading provider of high-quality equipment for bass players. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, EBS delivers products that empower musicians to create, perform, and inspire.


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