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Dwarfcraft Happiness Multi-Mode Filter And LFO

Dwarfcraft Happiness Multi-Mode Filter And LFO

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We all need more happiness right now.

Eau Claire, WI – July 11, 2016 – Dwarfcraft Devices is ready to spread some Happiness in the form of a multi-mode filter pedal. Happiness opens a new world of synth inspired tones and textures.

  • Low pass, band pass, and high pass filter modes
  • Modulate the filter with an internal LFO or external CV
  • Scramble feature is akin to a “sample and hold”
  • Expression jacks for filter cutoff and LFO speed
  • CV in and out
  • Converts standard 9v power supply to +/-12V for seamless integration with Eurorack modular synth systems

Dwarfcraft Happiness Pedal will retail for $275 and will be ready to ship in August.
For more information, check out website link: http://www.dwarfcraft.com/happiness.html

Guitar Demo

Video by theonetrueaen

Bass Demo

Video by theonetrueaen

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