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Dwarfcraft Devices and PureSalem Guitars present Echoes - A beautiful music video and interview series

Echoes – A beautiful music video and interview series

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Dwarfcraft Devices and Puresalem Guitars have teamed up to present Echoes –  A beautiful music video and interview series, featuring live performances in unorthodox environments.

The idea was to start with a cohesive color palette for each episode, a theme for the musicians to work with, and a setting not usually shown in a gear demo

says Ben Hinz of Dwarfcraft.

“Of course, Puresalem guitars and Dwarfcraft Devices are featured, as well as other pedal brands that we love.”

“We get asked a lot of questions, but one of the most common is ‘I love this sound, but how do I use the pedal in real life.’ These videos are aimed at musicians who want to expand their sound.,” says Louise Hinz of Dwarfcraft Devices.

These short films are directed and edited by Dwarfcraft’s Ben Hinz with long time collaborator, Jesse Johnson, serving as director of photography.

Each full episode will be about six minutes each.  Between these monthly episodes, they will release interviews, full performances, alternate takes, and other magical, backstage goodies, to go out on subsequent Thursdays.

Episode 1, “Space,” features Mike Noyce of Bon Iver, and will go live June 1.  Echoes will have 6 full episodes this year. All Echoes episodes and clips will be available via Dwarfcraft’s youtube channel https://youtu.be/biFGEbaNrME

About Dwarfcraft Devices

Zealously commanded by Ben and Louise Hinz, Dwarfcraft Devices has been fighting the good fight since 2007. They are on an endless quest for new sounds, good beer, and hugs.

For more information please visit www.dwarfcraft.com

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