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Dwarfcraft Devices Announces Ghost Fax Phase Computer

Dwarfcraft Devices Announces Ghost Fax Phase Computer

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Eau Claire, WI – Dwarfcraft Devices is diving back into the modulation game in a big way with their new Ghost Fax Phase Computer, a digital powerhouse that adds exciting new abilities along with the tried and true phaser effects. With four different modes and a host of over the top features, the Ghost Fax has something for everyone, from phaser enthusiasts to audio adventurers.

Ghost Fax features include:

  • Between 2 and 32 poles available
  • Choose between Standard, Manual, Envelope Up and Envelope Down Modes
  • Three knobs to control the phase sounds – Action, Feedback, and Poles
  • Full Wet/Dry blend
  • Secret Menu available by holding down both foot switches for deeper tonal control
  • Expression control over Poles or Action
  • Relay/true bypass soft switches
  • Standard 9v DC center negative power

Dwarfcraft Devices Announces Ghost Fax Phase Computer

Ghost Fax will retail for $249 and will start shipping in April 2018.  For more information, check it out at Dwarfcraft Devices.

Dwarfcraft Ghost Fax Demo

Video by theonetrueaen

About Dwarfcraft Devices

Zealously commanded by Ben and Louise Hinz, Dwarfcraft Devices has been fighting the good fight since 2007. They are on an endless quest for new sounds, good beer, and hugs.

For more information please visit www.dwarfcraft.com

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