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Sneak Peak at Dusky Electronics – 100% Fully Analog Speech Synthesizer

Guitar Pro 8 - Black Friday sale

Durham, NC, USA — 1 April, 2017 — We are so excited about this new prototype we’ve been working on that we just couldn’t keep a lid on it any longer.  No instrument is more expressive than the human voice, which is why we’ve been working tirelessly to bring the expressiveness of the human voice to the electric guitar and bass.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  We say a video is worth 10,000.  You really just need to watch this video to see what we’ve been up to:

April Fooling aside, Dusky Electronics is a small manufacturer of high quality musical instrument amplifiers and effects pedals that really do exist, sound great, and provide excellent value.  Our D₂O Amplifier won a Premier Gear award from Premier Guitar magazine and has been slowly growing a dedicated and passionate following.  We have real, no fooling products in development now that we’ll be excited to share with you when the time is right.


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