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DuGyte Systems DuGyte MX Series Pedalboard Snake Cable Systems

DuGyte Systems Unveils Next Gen DuGyte MX Series Pedalboard Snake Cable Systems

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The One-Plug All-In-One Cable™ transforms how guitarist setup and power traditional and multi-effects pedalboards.

Brisbane, Australia/San Diego, CA – Sept 1st, 2019: DuGyte Systems announces the release of the next generation of the DuGyte™ MX Series of Pedalboard Snake Cable Systems. These unique systems combine all signal and power into a single All-In-One Cable™ loom. The cable features one quick-connect plug to connect all traditional pedalboards and multi-effects (MFX) pedalboard systems like Line 6, Fractal, Boss, Digitech, and others. Guitarists now have the quickest and easiest way to connect and disconnect their pedalboards from the backstage The DuGyte systems simplify the interface to pedalboards, reduce the number of guitar and power cords strung across the stage and provides power to your entire pedalboard.

Currently, the MX-Series offers three models. All models provide multiple signal channels for guitar/wireless loop-back, amp, effects loops and relay/footswitch. The various models offer different and additional functionality, including MIDI, and one or more balanced/stereo channels for stereo amp and stereo effects loops. This gives you the ability to setup 4CM, 5CM, 6CM and even 7CM cabling scenarios. The universal Mains capability of the MX-Series allows you to globally power your MFX system, pedalboard power supply or both.

DuGyte Systems Managing Director Gerard Mayo said, “Our DuGyte MX-Series accommodates guitarists who use both analog and digital multi-effects systems as well as traditional stomp box pedalboards. The MX Series offer solutions for the guitarist at all levels, from the beginner to road-touring professional.” Gerard further stressed that “The DuGyte is truly a system, not just a cable. Yes, it supplies a clean convenient pedalboard signal and power interface. However, it also offers a very effective mains power grounding and isolation, and an extremely high-quality signal path. This allows you to maintain pristine sound quality without any affect to your tone. In fact, customers are amazed at how quiet their sound becomes. Many have commented that sometimes they hear less noise than when they plug their guitar directly into an amp!” He added, “We are also delighted to have our custom shop for offering upgrades and specific solutions for requirements not met with the standard models.”

The DuGyte MX Series Snake Cable Systems start at a suggested retail price of $399. They are available for purchase directly from the company’s website www.DuGyteSystems.com.

About DuGyte Systems

DuGyte Systems, owned and operated by Maytech Music Systems Pty Ltd, has a mission is to develop functional systems for guitarist that are designed to add value to their performance while making their life easier. With a philosophy of “Think Less Play More!™” DuGyte Systems developed DuGyte Pedalboard Snake Cable Systems and pedalboard power supplies for guitarist with the idea of making pedalboard setup and tear down easier, and quicker, while supplying better pedal power solutions. Maytech is an Australian corporation whose primary markets include North America, Europe and Australasia.

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