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DSM Humboldt Silver Linings Drive & Preamp Pedal

DSM Humboldt Silver Linings Drive & Preamp Pedal

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DSM Humboldt Releases Silver Linings Drive/Preamp Pedal

Designed from scratch under lockdown, DSM & Humboldt engineers produced a powerful and versatile drive pedal

SANTIAGO, CHILE – November 15, 2021 – (GUITARpr) – During these challenging times, DSM & Humboldt took the time to patiently and painstakingly design, from scratch, a drive that should bring rays of joy and inspiration to musicians around the globe. Capable of producing the sweetest, clean jazzy whispers to the gnarliest of high gain chugs, new Silver Linings rivals any digital modeler around, but with that immediate response and complex harmonics that only analog circuits can deliver.

The new Silver Linings pedal features:

Gain and Pre-Tone Controls

The Gain control features their own “variable gain bandwidth” circuit, which keeps the tone tight and clear at any range, and in combination with the Pre-Tone control, you get unprecedented versatility.

Style Switch

A 3-way “style” switch expands the range with three different gain structures, Soft, Vintage and Hard.

  • The Soft style has lower gain and softer clipping, and it takes you to that blackface amp + TS territory, special for blues and pop rhythms.
  • The Vintage style is unique and fattens up the tone, getting a thick, full bodied dance of even harmonics, thanks to asymmetrical clipping. It is a perfect mix of fuzz and distortion that responds to the touch magically.
  • The Hard style gives you a modern amp tone, from crystal cleans to full tilt chugging metal tones.

The tone stack is an original passive 3 band EQ, carefully designed and voiced for a range wide enough to adapt to different preamps and get noticeable changes when adjusted.

Mode Switch

  • NORMAL mode makes the Silver Linings work as a transparent drive, with sparkly highs and solid low end.
  • PREAMP mode is perfect to use the unit directly into a power amp without losing the high end and has extra volume to drive the power amp as loud as you want.
  • MID BOOST mode, which boosts the 800hz range and smoothes the highs for an extra warm and round tone.

Dual Boost

The Silver Linings boasts a dual boost function, with pre and master boost levels. Use the Pre Boost for extra gain and compression, and the Master Boost for higher output levels. Using them together, you can place your solos in front of the mix with extra gain, like having a second channel. The Master boost also works independently if the drive is bypassed, allowing it to boost the clean signal.

Watch our product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktb4dXBDYKo.

Silver Linings are available immediately through DSM Humboldt international retailers and carries an MSRP of $279 USD. More information is available at www.dsmhumboldt.com.

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