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DryBell release the Unit67

DryBell release the Unit67

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DryBell Unit67 – A superb sonic device for the working musician

The Unit67 is a compact and fully analog device that has a highly versatile EQ set including a „Rangemaster-like” mid control, a boost and an 1176 type of compressor – all in one extremely practical guitar pedal.

The main idea behind this project came from experienced minds in two different fields: Zvonch, the DryBell founder and an expert electronics engineer, and Kruno, DryBell team member and professional guitarist with decades of live and studio playing time.

DryBell Unit67

DryBell have combined the best of both worlds and after thousands of working hours with the rest of their team to make this design perfect, they’ve created something very special for you to enjoy.

For more information visit drybell.com

DryBell Unit67 official demo

Video by DryBell

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