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Dr. No. Evil MotherFuzzer Pedal

Dr. No. Announces New Evil MotherFuzzer Pedal

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Dr. No. Evil MotherFuzzer Pedal

NETHERLANDS. FEBRUARY 23, 2016- Today Dr. No announces the release of his new guitar pedal Evil MotherFuzzer. Through his collaboration with guitarist Pablo van de Poel, who was recently voted #1 guitar player of 2015 by Gitarist magazine in the Netherlands, Dr. No and Pablo are now ready to bring this new pedal to the public.  The Evil MotherFuzzer is extremely limited to only 175 units worldwide. Each Evil MotherFuzzer is hand signed and numbered by Pablo van de Poel and Dr.No.

Each pedal is built with original germanium transistors, collected from unique sources all over the world, including an international radio museum. This coveted transistor gives the product an old school, classic reinvented fuzz that tone aficionados seek. These transistors are so exclusive that they are why only 175 pedals can be built – that’s all there is left of these unique pieces. To compliment them, the MotherFuzzer also contains a matched pair of rare NOS High Gain AC128zVI’s. Throughout history, germanium fuzz box has notoriously caused problems when used in the signal chain.  That is not the case with the Evil Motherfuzzer. Dr. No has designed into the circuitry a solution to the problem that eliminates the issue completely.

On the outside of the Evil MotherFuzzer, the volume output control level, tone, and fuzz will stand out, even at low volumes. The Fuzz knob gives the guitarist total fuzz control, ranging between clean and a classic fuzz, leaving a very organic tone. The Shape knob allows the guitarist to play and dial in harmonic tones adding clarity to the midrange. The Bias knob gives the user the ability to leave out the bass when lowering the dial knob. This allows the guitarist to add effects without compromising the signal.

Dr. No entered the pedal making business in 2006 after developing a love for the organic sound of analog vintage effect pedals. Through conversations with many musicians as a guitar tech, Dr. No realized that there was a big demand for authentic analog effects, as new digital effects and mass produced SMD and OEM products were becoming mainstream. Dr. No started the company with the goal to re-create the honest, inspirational sound he grew up listening to. Today, Dr. No continues to personally hand craft each pedal from his award-winning collection.

The Evil Motherfuzzer will retail for €247/$278 and can be purchase direct from Dr. No at


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