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Dimarzio Releases The Sixties P And Sixties J Pickups For Bass

Dimarzio Releases The Sixties P™ And Sixties J™ Pickups For Bass

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Staten Island, N.Y., November 22, 2022 — DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the Sixties P™ (DP124), the Sixties J™ Bridge (DP304), the Sixties J™ Neck (DP303), and the Sixties J™ Pair (DP305) pickups for 4 string basses.

The DiMarzio Sixties P™ and Sixties J™ bass pickups enhance the tone of everything that made the old school Precision and Jazz Basses famous — without the rusty pole pieces and 60-cycle hum.

From its distinctive tone to its definitive growl, the Sixties P™ is the embodiment of everything that made the sound of the old school Fender Precision Bass®  great. The Sixties J™ retains the same woody tone, punch, and articulate midrange when compared to vintage single coil Jazz Bass®  pickups, but with superior tone, responsiveness, and attack. This is thanks to DiMarzio’s patent pending parallelogram double-coil designs.

DiMarzio Sixties J

The new Sixties P™ and Sixties J™ pickups feature the Relentless™ cover designed in collaboration with Billy Sheehan. We’ve dropped the mounting screws out of the way using our circuit board mounting system, and eliminated the sharp edges for further playing comfort.

Our Alnico 5 magnets are mounted to the arch of our covers and are fitted to closely match the radius of the fingerboard. This enhanced, smooth playing surface keeps the magnet structure closer to the strings for more accurate response and improved dynamics. The Sixties P™ and Sixties J™ are fully potted to reduce microphonics, and are virtually noise free.

The Sixties J™ and Sixties P™ are direct replacements for any American Standard Precision Basses®  and Jazz Basses®. Modernize your bass and bring it back to life with the Sixties P™ or Sixties J™ pickups.

DiMarzio Sixties P

DiMarzio’s Sixties P™ and Sixties J™ pickups are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price for the Sixties P™ is $169.00 (MAP $119.99). Suggested List Price for the Sixties J™ Bridge and Neck is $155.00 (MAP $109.99). Suggested List Price for the Sixties J™ Pair is $296.00 (MAP $209.99). For more information about the new Sixties P™ and Sixties J™pickups, please visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

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