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Dimarzio Releases The Relentless J And Relentless P For Bass

Dimarzio Releases The Relentless J™ And Relentless P™ For Bass

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Staten Island, N.Y., November 22, 2022 — DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the Relentless P™ (DP299), the Relentless J™ Bridge (DP301), Relentless J™ Neck (DP300), and the Relentless J™ Pair (DP302) for 4 string basses. The new Relentless P™ and Relentless J™ series pickups feature the Relentless™ cover designed in collaboration with Billy Sheehan.

As with the Relentless™ pickups, we removed all the hard edges from the standard P Bass® and standard J Bass® pickups, and added an arch to the top of the pickups to bring the sensing coils and pole pieces closer to the strings. These improvements increase the dynamic range and make active circuitry unnecessary.

The RelentlessP™ and Relentless J™ pickups incorporate Neodymium magnets and produce 70 percent more output than traditional passive pickups, and they’re dead quiet due to the incorporation of metal covers and foil-shielded cables. To dial in (or fine tune) the individual string output, the Relentless P™ and Relentless J™ include eight adjustable pole pieces. These pickups also have a broad magnetic field so you can even bend notes without volume drop out.

DiMarzio Relentless J Bass Pickup

DiMarzio’s extra shielding makes the Relentless P™ and Relentless J™ better for both recording and stage performances. We’ve mounted them onto robust .09375″ thick circuit board base plates to eliminate the annoying protruding mounting screws — ultimately creating a more comfortable and consistent foundation to rest your fingers on.

The new Relentless P™ steps beyond the traditional P-Bass® sound and can only be described as massive. It has more of everything: more volume, beefier lows, a growling midrange, and crispy highs with better individual string definition.

The Relentless J™ incorporates a new invention, (patent pending) parallelogram-shaped coils, offering an expanded mid-range punch, snappy highs, precise lows, and a new dimension to the sound of the Relentless™ series pickups.

Relentless P™ and Relentless J™ pickups will breathe new life into any bass, increase playability, and work well for any style of music from Motown to metal.

DiMarzio Relentless P Bass Pickup

DiMarzio’s Relentless P™, Relentless J™ Bridge, Relentless J™ Neck, and Relentless J™ pair are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price for the Relentless P™ is $169.00 (MAP $119.99). Suggested List Price for the Relentless J™ Bridge and Relentless J™ neck is $155.00 (MAP $109.99). Suggested List Price for the Relentless J™ Pair is $296.00 (MAP 209.99). For more information about the new Relentless J™ series pickups, please visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

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