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Diffractor Soundings releases its first pedal, The Arboretum, a stereo optical tremolo

Welcome to the Arboretum

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Diffractor Soundings releases its first pedal, The Arboretum, a stereo optical tremolo

Very versatile effect consisting of a digitally controlled analog tremolo

Toulouse / France – July, 2023 – Diffractor Soundings enters the great history of the tremolo with its very own stereo analog tremolo, controlled by a unique LFO designed by Raphaël.

The idea was to make a truly solid tremolo base and take it way further by programming digital LFOs specially for this pedal and by adding numerous new features to this effect.

The Arboretum is very versatile and allows for both “classic tremolo use” as well as more “experimental” approach. The Mode allows the user to control the tremolo speed, depth or both with another LFO, providing endless possibilities for “sound shaping”.

This pedal has been designed to be a creative tool for musicians with a sober and beautiful interface. The stereo option is a good feature for keyboardists as well as for studio use as it turns the pedal into an autopanner for 360° output sounds.

The use of an expression pedal or a CV signal is possible.

Diffractor Soundings Arboretum – Demo

Video by Ponderer Sounds

Arboretum features include:

  • Two channels of analog optical tremolo
  • Two specially designed LFO (one for the tremolo, one for the Mode)
  • The use of an Expression pedal or a CV signal to control the “Speed”, “Depth or “Sweep”
  • Two types of bypass: “Latch” or “Momentary”, both using True Bypass
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input
  • Sober and elegant enclosure

The Arboretum has a street price of 249,99€ and is available from the Diffractor Soundings online store at https://diffractorsoundings.com/

About Diffractor Soundings

Diffractor Soundings is a one-man company that focuses on quality and innovation to make playful and reliable pedals.

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