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New Emerald Guitars ambassador to take X20 on US tour

New Emerald Guitars ambassador to take X20 on US tour

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A WELL-known folk singer has teamed up with an Irish guitar company to add a new sound to his performance for his upcoming US tour.

Darren Holden is a member of the world-renowned group The High Kings who are about to embark on yet another extensive tour of the United States.

The performer recently joined forced with Donegal-based Emerald Guitars who presented him with a new guitar ahead of the band’s show in the Abbey Hotel, Donegal town last Friday night.

The singer said it was ‘love at first sight’ when he was given the X20 Artisan.

It’s absolutely beautiful and like nothing I’ve ever seen or played before. It’s a phenomenal piece of work and I really don’t want to put it down.


“I think I’m going to have to fight the guys for this, because I know the moment they see it, they are going to want one, as well, so that’s going to be my main point of concern,” he laughed.

“I will be honoured to play this unique and amazing carbon fibre instrument and I am proud and honoured of becoming an ambassador for Emerald Guitars,” said Darren.

As Emerald Guitars’s newest ambassador, Darren will be taking his new Donegal-made guitar with him on the group’s upcoming extensive US Tour which starts this weekend with two dates in Colorado and Chicago and continues in Maine on July 27 (Full dates available on www.thehighkings.com).

Darren gave the Emerald Guitars team his ‘First Impressions’ of his new X20, as well as a performance of the Phil Coulter-penned song Hand Me Down My Bible, from the band’s new album Grace & Glory.

Check out the video

X20 Artisan

The X20 Artisan is built to order and generally has a four-month lead time. The Artisan is available in black, amber, red, Green and blue. The Artisan has full gloss finish on all surfaces, Gotoh 510 tuners (18:1 ratio) and comes with a B-Band A3T pick-up and preamp with built-in tuner.

For more on the X20 Artisan go to the Emerald Guitars website

About Emerald Guitars

Emerald Guitars is an Irish guitar company headed by luthier Alistair Hay who has been building high-end carbon fibre guitars for nearly two decades. Most notably he has built instruments played by renowned artists such as Steve Vai, Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi), Wang Leeghom and others.

Website: www.emeraldguitars.com


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