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Cort Unleashes the KX707 EverTune 7-String

Cort Unleashes the KX707 EverTune 7-String

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Cort® Guitars introduces the new KX707 EverTune 7-string – the natural evolution of the now-iconic KX700 EverTune that was rightly embraced by purveyors of metal and heavy rock upon its introduction a few years ago. For over two decades the KX Series has proudly represented the most extreme and aggressive side of Cort’s lineup and this new model builds upon the series’ impressive pedigree and history.

The KX707 EverTune is primed to shred, with a potent Seymour Duncan® Sentient and Nazgûl 7-string humbucker set, patented EverTune® bridge system, and no-frills control layout. At the neck position, the Sentient pickup provides a well-balanced, versatile tonal palette, while the Nazgûl benefits from a large ceramic magnet with custom winding specs that delivers sizzling presence, textured harmonic content, and is capable of brutal overdriven crunch. A 3-way pickup selector paired to a single volume pot and one tone pot provide all necessary variation without clutter, while allowing the player to focus on what’s important: the music!

Cort KX707 EverTune 7-String

Meanwhile, the EverTune® eschews overly convoluted design, relying instead on the power – and simplicity – of clever physics to maintain constant tension on each string. This all-mechanical system employs a rock-solid arrangement of springs and levers that keeps the KX707 in perfect tuning, even with the most aggressive of playing styles. Further adding to that stability are robust Cort® locking tuners that facilitate ease of string changes, as well as accurate, efficient tuning.

A 5-piece maple and walnut neck paired to a deeply contoured body and jet-black Ebony fingerboard with 24 stainless steel frets adds to the KX707 EverTune’s playability and potential for high-velocity runs. The guitar’s spoke nut truss rod adjustment feature enables precise adjustment of neck bow to accommodate any individual player’s approach and technique, while bright and bold luminlay side dot position makers ensure easy viewing of fretboard position even in the darkest of venues.

Cort KX707 EverTune 7-String

A powerful 7-string monster primed to ably nail the expectations of even the most demanding hard rock and metal guitarist, the Cort KX707 EverTune is a lively, resonant instrument that also offers the flexibility to explore other realms. With standout features and specifications, radical looks, and an adaptable and expressive design, Cort has put its own stamp on the shredder-guitar formula. If daring style, midrange snarl, cutting-edge features, and sonic complexity is what you seek, the KX707 EverTune delivers.

Street Price: $1349.99 USD

Additional Specifications

  • Available finish: Open Pore Black (SDG)
  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Frets: 24
  • Fingerboard Radius: 15.75” (400mm)
  • Inlay: Black Dots
  • Scale: 25.5” (648mm)
  • Nut Width: 2 57/64” (48mm)
  • Hardware: Black
  • Strings: D’Addario® EXL 120 +NW059

About Cort Guitars

Cort designs, manufactures and delivers some of the finest guitars and basses to musicians and music enthusiasts all around the world. Over the past 50 years, the company has worked with some of the largest and most well-recognized guitar companies in the industry, as well as artists of international recognition. Cort remains focused on providing instruments that will last generations with the best workmanship possible, the best materials and components, and the best service long after the instruments have been purchased. For more information, visit www.cortguitars.com.

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