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Breedlove Guitars Unveils Iconic Brazilian Rosewood Premier Concert Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar

Breedlove Guitars Unveils Iconic Brazilian Rosewood Premier Concert Limited Edition Acoustic Guitar

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Bend, Oregon, February 13, 2024 – Breedlove Guitars proudly announces the launch of its Premier Concert Brazilian Rosewood Limited Edition acoustic guitar, showcasing the timeless allure and unparalleled sound of Brazilian rosewood in a series of exclusive concert model guitars.

Legendary Brazilian Rosewood: Renowned for its unparalleled tonal depth and rich resonance, Brazilian rosewood stands as an emblem of acoustic guitar history. Breedlove Guitars pays homage to this legendary wood, presenting a limited-edition collection that celebrates its timeless allure and unparalleled sound.

Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) is a highly sought-after tonewood known for its exceptional tonal properties, including rich resonance, deep bass, and clear highs. It has been prized in guitar making for its superior acoustic qualities, but its use has become highly regulated due to conservation concerns. Brazilian rosewood is now listed under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Appendix I, which restricts its international trade.

Due to the rarity and regulations surrounding Brazilian rosewood, instruments made with this wood are often considered collector’s items. It’s worth noting that Breedlove is producing these limited-edition models featuring Brazilian rosewood in compliance with CITES regulations and sustainable sourcing practices. Additionally, Breedlove has the world’s largest supply of legally documented Brazilian rosewood, allowing any Breedlove Brazilian guitar the ability to travel around the world with legal paperwork.

Featured Model:

Premier Concert Brazilian Rosewood Limited Edition: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this concert model guitar features Brazilian rosewood back and sides, delivering hauntingly beautiful sound and an heirloom quality investment. Equipped with LR Baggs Anthem pickup, this masterpiece promises exceptional tone and playability.

Quote from Breedlove’s Product Designer Angela Christensen: “Brazilian rosewood has an unmatched legacy in the world of acoustic guitars. Our Premier Concert Limited Edition Collection celebrates this history and iconic tonewood, bringing forth an instrument that encapsulates its timeless tonal qualities and craftsmanship,” said Angela Christensen.

Experience the Timeless Sound: Immerse yourself in the legendary tonal world of Brazilian rosewood by experiencing the Premier Concert Brazilian Rosewood Limited Edition Collection. Visit Breedlove’s website for more information and to explore this exclusive model.

About Breedlove Guitars:

For more than 30 years, Breedlove has been on the forefront of guitar innovation. With the goal of superior sound and sustainable exotic tonewoods, Breedlove has followed the lead of musicians and builders, designing trusted, quality instruments for a new era at their home in Bend, Oregon.

For more information about Breedlove, please visit their website and follow Breedlove on FacebookInstagram, and X.

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