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Chase Becker of Warbringer and Exmortus Talks Music and Amps on ‘Peavey Monitor’ Podcast

Chase Becker on ‘Peavey Monitor’ Podcast

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Chase Becker of Warbringer and Exmortus Talks Music and Amps on ‘Peavey Monitor’ Podcast

MERIDIAN, MS (Aug. 12, 2020) — Peavey Electronics® invites metalheads and all live music fans to tune into the new “Peavey Monitor” podcast episode with Peavey artist Chase Becker, guitarist of the touring metal bands Warbringer and Exmortus. On this episode, Chase provides updates on his bands and discusses the challenges musicians face during the COVID-19 crisis. Chatting with podcast host Fred Poole, General Manager of North American Sales and Product Development, Chase delves into his influences, inspirations, and favorite Peavey gear. While these are challenging times for metal musicians and fans alike, this Peavey Monitor episode highlights some exciting new music and gives everyone something to look forward to with the hopeful return of live performance.

Musicians who have been sidelined because of COVID-19 will especially relate to Chase’s story about not being able to tour a new album. Warbringer released their sixth studio album, “Weapons of Tomorrow” in April and were set to stir up the heavy metal scene with an international tour. Unfortunately, coronavirus postponed their plans. The band remains eager to get back on the road and has been keeping fans updated through social media engagement.

Similarly, Exmortus has been jamming weekly on new material for an album due out in early 2021. They’re feeling the fire during practice, Chase described, but without live performances, it’s pent-up energy.

“It’s a weird feeling,” Chase reflected. “There’s been downtimes, but I’ve always known we’re going to play a show soon, or we have stuff booked but it’s in a couple months, so you have something to look forward to. Right now, all I’m really looking forward to is getting back to practicing because I can play with my bros and let it out.”

Looking back on his journey, Chase shared fond memories of his first-ever tube amp, the Peavey Ultra. He then purchased the Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Series Head, which offered plenty of punch and screaming distortion. While Chase doesn’t geek out over his tubes on a super technical level, he knows what he likes to play. His graduation to the revered Peavey 6505® Plus was a natural progression.

“I love that amp, dude — it’s raw. When we get on stage, you don’t need anything to boost it, you don’t need anything to make it sound better,” Chase said, adding that it’s a go-to for his favorite musicians. His accessories include a noise gate, a delay pedal, and a tube screamer for a full effect.

On “Weapons of Tomorrow,” Warbringer is credited for embarking on a new level of metal while never losing their “old-school inspired roots,” according to one review. Chase’s musical introduction, through his older brother’s grunge and metal albums, reflects those influences, and his early musical journey took some interesting turns. For instance, fans may be surprised to find out that Chase’s first musical passion was bass guitar, and his first career choice was extreme rollerblading. He was a sponsored BMX rider and yearned to be in the X-Games. Fans won’t want to miss Chase’s retelling of what led him to aggressive-style guitar playing instead.

This “Peavey Monitor” podcast shows that there’s always a silver lining in the metal scene—passionate musicians, dedicated fans, and anticipation for the day when Peavey 6505s will crank up for a live performance. Until that day arrives, stay connected with new episodes of “Peavey Monitor,” available on most podcast platforms.

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