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Celemony Capstan 1.2 with higher resolution audio analysis

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Celemony GmbH/ Munich, Germany – 29.3.2016 (ictw) – Capstan, Celemony’s software solution for the removal of wow and flutter, has received an update to Version 1.2 and now operates optionally in higher resolution.

With the free update to Version 1.2, Capstan offers an optional High-Resolution Mode that increases the resolution of the audio analysis by a factor of 4. This allows flutter frequencies up to 14 Hz to be eliminated, at the same time increasing still further the accuracy of the processing.

Capstan is based on Celemony’s patented DNA Direct Note Access technology. Since it is capable of detecting wow and flutter from the music itself – regardless of the medium (magnetic tape, vinyl, etc.) – Capstan is superior to other solutions that rely on reading the bias, because Capstan still functions even if the tape has been copied several times or digitized at low sampling rates. Capstan is used worldwide by classic labels as well as renowned mastering and restoration studios, broadcasters and archivists, having proved its worth on numerous occasions through the rescuing of valuable historical recordings.

Capstan can be used for only US$/€ 199 for five days, whilst a permanent license costs US$ 4,458/€ 3,790.

Capstan – Wow and Flutter Removal Tool Video

About Celemony

It wasn’t with its patented, multi-award-winning DNA Direct Note Access technology that Celemony first turned the world of music production upside down, but with the very first version of Melodyne, released in the year 2000. When it first appeared, Melodyne was so revolutionary that only open minded users recognized the potential of the software. The notion that it was possible to reach inside an audio recording and modify notes directly was altogether too novel. But Melodyne was so intuitive to use and sounded so good that soon more and more musicians and producers were becoming enthusiastic about it and discovering in the process one of its particular fortes: vocal correction. Today, with its DNA technology, Melodyne even allows you to modify individual notes in recordings of polyphonic instruments like the piano or the guitar.

In 2011, Celemony introduced its professional restoration tool, Capstan. Capstan is based on Celemony’s unique DNA Direct Note Access technology and detects wow and flutter in the music itself. For this reason, it is capable of correcting wow and flutter regardless of the medium (tape, disk, etc.) affected. This has made it possible to re-release, most notably, certain historic recordings of classical music.

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