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Bohemian electric oil-can guitars and ukuleles are now available with Limited Edition graphic designs

Bohemian electric oil-can guitars and ukuleles are now available with Limited Edition graphic designs

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Bohemian has added six new Limited Edition models to their popular line of electric oil-can guitars, basses and ukuleles.

Constructed from high quality steel, each oil-can body is visually striking, with fine detailed, hi-spec, durable vinyl-wrap graphics, in three new and unique designs that include Bohemian branded ‘Surf Wax’, ‘Motor Oil’ and ‘Moonshine’, whilst maintaining all the features that have made these stunning instruments extremely popular with musicians far and wide.

Aside from the stunning visual concept, all Bohemian guitars and ukuleles are lightweight and compact, allowing effortless access to the full length of the Lignum Rosa fingerboard. The necks feature an extended tenon design, travelling the full length of the oil-can body, whilst an internal basswood structure, counterbalances the guitar’s playing position and enhances natural sustain and output. Unplugged, these cool instruments also have enough volume for unamplified practicing.

All hardware is chromed, including the covered machine heads, tune-o-matic bridge and stud designed tailpiece.

With a single P90 pickup housed within a natural ‘tone chamber’ the Limited Edition Guitars, like all Bohemian oil-can guitars, are complete tone monsters that deliver a staggering range of harmonically rich and clear, bell-like tones, with a powerful output to drive effects for authentic slide blues, to full-on heavy rock.


The Bohemian Ukuleles portray the same effortless, stylish look and like the guitars, feature four rubber feet at the base that act as a built-in stand.

Hardware is also chromed, including machine heads and adjustable 4 saddle bridge, but it’s also the appealing ability to easily transfer guitar riffs to these cute, steel strung instruments where a single coil pickup, augments natural acoustics with enough output to drive effects for a diverse range of sound enhancements.

Bohemian is also committed to building guitars sustainably by using less lumber than a traditional guitar, with the necks coming from sustainable forests or reclaimed woods, and the bodies are made partially from recycled materials. Additionally, Bohemian plant one tree with every order received through their partner, Trees for the Future, an organisation dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalising degraded lands.

Whilst the portability and novelty concept is in abundance and speaks for itself, Bohemian oil-can guitars, basses and ukuleles can be seen at camp fire parties and on big stage arenas played by professionals around the world.

  • Bohemian Limited Edition Guitars £299 rrp.
  • Bohemian Limited Edition Ukuleles £149 rrp.
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