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BluGuitar BluBOX Virtual Speaker Collection available at Dealers worldwide

BluGuitar BluBOX Virtual Speaker Collection available at Dealers worldwide

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Professional Impulse Response Speaker Simulator provides 16 virtual cabinets for PA feeds and direct recording for any guitar amp

BluGuitar USA LP, Duluth GA, February 27th, 2017 – (ictw) – BluGuitar announce the immediate availability of BluBOX, a professional impulse response speaker simulator providing a collection of 16 sought after, perfectly miced virtual speaker cabinets in a sturdy, convenient pedal sized housing featuring a transformer balanced XLR-output and 2 knob-operation. BluGuitar BluBOX Virtual Speaker Collection is the result of Thomas Blug’s research and effort to offer the guitar players a great sounding „PA feed“ and „direct recording“ solution that works great with any guitar amp.

All electric guitarists looking for the perfect way to mic or to record their amp tone now have one of the simplest and most workable solutions available, that is also setting new standards in sound quality. With over 30 years being a professional session player and touring experience, Thomas Blug has spent a lot of time to select the “go to guitar cabinets” that are basically the industry standard for great guitar sound. These are his very own cabinets heard on numerous music productions Thomas was involved with (from Stewart Copeland, Culture Beat, Snap, No Angels, TicTacToe to members of Deep Purple, Fokus, Simple Minds and many more). Utilising the latest Convolution Technology he then took impulse responses with various microphone positions and mics locking down every sonic detail. BluBOX is the very first digital device under the BluGuitar brand. Why digital? Simply because analogue equipment cannot capture all the sonic complexities and nuances produced by guitar speakers. Convolution Technology is able to reproduce the complete array of tones and the uniqueness of each cabinet down to the last detail and BluBOX performs with a Latency less than 1 millisecond for true analogue playing feel.

VSC Virtual Speaker-Cabinet Collection, simple, analogue style operation:

Just select your favourite cab, fine-tune the sound with the Mic-Position controller and go! 16 classic, world-renowned cabs are available with the BluBOX: 5 legendary Marshall cabs with vintage models from 1965 and 1980 but also the glorious, cult cabinets from Vox®, Mesa-Boogie® and Fender®. Of course, BluGuitar have included the BluGuitar NANOCAB and FATCAB that have been rapturously received in music world for their huge sound.

Whether on stage or in the studio, wherever striking guitar sounds of the highest quality are needed for recording or direct PA feeding: All this works with the BluBOX directly with or without a speaker cabinet!

Pricing and availability:

BluGuitar BluBOX Virtual Speaker Collection is available worldwide for Euro € 269,- // GBP 219,- // USD 319,-

Further Information at: www.bluguitar.com/download/broschuere_blubox_english.pdf

BluGuitar BluBOX Virtual Speaker Collection

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