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BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition available worldwide

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NAMM Show: BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition is available worldwide now

The BlugGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition takes the AMP1 concept even further: from crystalline clean through to molten metal, with flexible switching and routing options and full 100 Watts of Tubetone Power.

At NAMM Thomas Blug himself will perform daily at booth #3737 with a couple of high profile guests!!!

BluGuitar USA LP, Duluth GA, USA // BluGuitar GmbH/ Germany, January 21st, 2019 (ictw) – The BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition is available at dealers worldwide now. BluGuitar AMP1 delivers a diverse tonal palette in a professional and portable package. The immense power and character of classic tube amplifiers are delivered via four amazingly detailed and responsive, fully modifiable channels. AMP1’s sounds will take you on a journey through the history of guitar amplification and put you in good company with professional guitar players like Jennifer Batten, Kat Dyson, Ian Crichton and more.

For the new AMP1 Mercury Edition, all four channels were revised making the amp even more versatile, allowing to dial in a very individual signature tone with greater precision and the revolutionary Nanotube™ technology.

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition comes equipped with:

  • More tightness through all overdrive channels
  • More punch and bite for high-gain-sounds in the Classic and Modern channels
  • Greater dynamics in the Modern channel for contemporary metal tones
  • Redeveloped reverb algorithm for adding even greater dimension and depth to your guitar sound

AMP1 is ready to work with any rig and in whichever musical context you wish to use it. Equipped with switchable and adjustable Boost and Reverb controls, three integrated footswitches, a truly outstanding speaker simulation output for recording and a headphone output, AMP1 gives you all the options you would expect from a modern, boutique tube amp in a package you can hold in the palm of your hand.


You can take your AMP1 with you wherever you are; it fits right in your gig bag. It’s incredibly compact and very light. Just to make everything that little bit quicker before and after the gig, AMP1 can be securely attached to (and then removed from) a single handle on your pedalboard or amp cab thanks to Easylock, the magnetic attachment system from BluGuitar. With the Remote1 floor control, you can build AMP1 into a fully programmable amp system—including adjustable power-soak, master, volume, gain and MIDI functions. AMP1 offers you the ultimate in practicality and tonal flexibility.

If you want to integrate your favorite pedals into your Amp1 setup, you can use the Remote1 with the Looperkit to quickly and easily create a fully programmable switching system featuring four true bypass relay loops.

Pricing and availability

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition is available now at dealers in the UK for GBP 699,- and throughout the EU for Euro 699,-. In the US AMP1 Mercury Edition is available for USD 799,-

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