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AP International Becomes Exclusive USA Distributors of  DMI Guitar Labs Line of Cleaning Products

AP International Becomes Exclusive USA Distributors of DMI Guitar Labs Line of Cleaning Products

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WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ – AP International Music Supply is proud to announce exclusive distribution of the eco-friendly DMI Guitar Labs line of instrument cleaning products including the popular Fret Butter ™ fingerboard cleaner. Having previously handled the USA-made product in a more limited capacity, the company will be now taking the lead role in distribution for the United States.

“DMI has managed to design products that not only work better and more efficiently than anything else on the market, but they are also environmentally-conscious,” said AP company president Andy Papiccio. “I believe this is the future of our industry and we are happy to be involved in making that happen.”

“We are very excited to deepen our relationship with AP International as our exclusive distributor for the USA market,” remarked DMI Guitar Labs founder Jason Berg. “The USA is a key global market so it is only fitting that we partner with an innovative and proven industry leader. We are confident that together we will expand our reach and achieve the success we have enjoyed in our overseas markets.”

DMI’s flagship Fret Butter ™ is a patented and proprietary solution for stringed instrument fingerboards, simultaneously hydrating the wood and removing even the most extreme grime and oxidation from frets in one simple application. The result is a clean, hydrated fingerboard with shiny frets and a satin smooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, and future oxidation. The applicator cloth allows for multiple uses per package ensuring your instrument remains clean for extended periods with a single cloth.

Additionally, DMI Guitar Labs produces their Guitar Clean and Maple Butter solutions for safely cleaning guitar bodies and maple instrument fingerboards respectively. DMI cleaning products are free of harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, vegan, and TSA travel safe.

AP International Becomes Exclusive USA Distributors of  DMI Guitar Labs Line of Cleaning Products

DMI has also just released their lint-free Rabbit Fur micro fleece archival grade cloth billed as the “World’s softest edgeless micro fleece”. Rabbit Fur is safe for use on all instruments, reusable and washable, and also environmentally friendly. All cloths are pre-washed, sterilized, and packaged in the USA.

With over forty years of experience in manufacturing and distribution, AP International has been a pillar in the music industry known for representing quality product lines including Floyd Rose®, Pure Tone Jacks, KTS Titanium, and Ray Ross Saddle-less Bridges, as well as many OEM products. They will be bringing their MI expertise to help distribute and build the DMI brand alongside their other offerings.

More information: https://apintl.com/

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