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Ananashead Range Booster

Ananashead announces the Range Booster

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Barcelona, Spain – September 12, 2019 – Adding to his line of vintage pedals, Ananashead has announced the Range Booster, a handmade germanium and silicon booster with tone control, based on the 1966 Dallas Range Master circuit.

At some point, many UK guitarists like Iommi or May changed his germanium transistor based booster to a silicon one due his best reliability and better signal/noise ratio, also they swapped the input cap to bring more lows and that’s what the Range control does.

The pedal boost the signal, emphasizing medium/high frequencies and adding a raw sound but with a softness similar to the achieved by leaving the wah in a fixed position. With the Range control the spectrum of frequencies is expanded to find the desired tone that suits your equipment.

See some of the Ananashead Range Booster demos here:

The Range Booster pedal offers the following features

  • Two knobs to control Boost and Range
  • Switch between Germanium and Silicon
  • Side or Top mounting jacks
  • Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF
  • Filtered and protected 9VDC input
  • Daisy-chain friendly
  • Popless True Bypass switching
  • Current draw: 3mA

The Range Booster pedal is hand-made in Barcelona with careful selected components and has a price of 110.00€. The pedals are available and can be purchased directly from the Ananashead online store at www.ananashead.com.

Since 2012 Pedro Garcí­a has been releasing stompboxes, offering electric musicians an array of vintage style effects.  Previous products include the Meteorite, MARK1 Germanium Fuzz, V2 Superfuzz or the Byrd Song Treble Booster. This new pedal, like his previous pedals, are available direct online https://www.ananashead.com/product/range-booster.

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