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Analysis Plus Unveils Revamped Artist Program

Analysis Plus Unveils Revamped Artist Program

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Outreach campaign is designed to connect a new group of artists to the company’s active roster

FLUSHING, MI – October 18, 2023 – (GUITARpr) – Analysis Plus, known for their high-end cables and connectors for musicians and pro audio, has unveiled a revamped Artist Program designed to expand its reach and engagement among a wide range of performers across the musical spectrum.

With literally thousands of talented artists using their cables around the world, Analysis Plus has crafted a program that focuses on the powerful concept of mutual benefit to create a new generation of value-for-value relationships. The program offers a combination of products, promotion, and support at a personal level as incentives to participate.

The Analysis Plus Artist Program includes a highly diverse roster including the likes of John Mayer, Marty Friedman, Scott Bernard, Jake Shimabukuro, Tina Guo and many others. From guitar and bass to cello and keyboards, and more, Analysis Plus Artists use their cables on stage, in studio, at home, and just about anywhere there is a need for the best possible sound in their audio connection.

According to company president, Shari Markel, “We have enjoyed relationships with so many great artists over the last 30 years, and with our new, revamped Artist Program, we look forward to working with a whole new group of talented individuals from many different backgrounds and genres.”

Interested artists are encouraged to contact the company by filling out the Artist Inquiry form at: https://proaudio.analysis.plus/artist-inquiry/.

Additional information about the Artist Program is available on the Analysis Plus Pro Audio website at: https://proaudio.analysis.plus/artists/.

About Analysis Plus

Now in its 30th year, Analysis Plus began life as a scientific research and design company and is now focused primarily on two markets: Musicians/Pro Audio and high-end Home Audio. Their proprietary Hollow Oval Design cables are used by discerning musicians, pro audio techs, and audiophiles alike around the globe. Get more detailed information at: https://analysis.plus.

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