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Vintage VJ74 ReIssued Series 4 string bass in three new finishes

Vintage VJ74 ReIssued Series 4 string bass in three new finishes

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Vintage have added three new colours to the ever popular Vintage VJ74 ReIssued Series 4 string bass; Firenza Red, Laguna Blue and Ventura Green.

Whilst the new visual concept is stunning, offset with tortoise shell pickguards and chrome control plate as standard, Vintage VJ74 maintains all the qualities that have earned this exceptional instrument, an outstanding reputation with semi-pro and professional musicians, as one of the finest workhorse bass guitars available.

Solid alder is the perfect choice for the body, not only to support the solid construction, but for this popular tonewood’s ability to distribute an equally fine balance of high, mid and low frequencies, delivered uncoloured to a pair of Wilkinson WOJB single coil pickups which enhance this tight, piano-like tone, with extended clarity and articulation.

Pair alder with the VJ74’s bolt-on, hard rock maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, you know you just can’t go wrong for rocky-blues, or, just wind the tone control back a tad and enter a whole new world of jazzy, mellow soothing bass lines.

Smooth open-geared Wilkinson WJBL200 machine heads and a friction-free white GraphTech precision cut nut, ensure tuning stability, while the Wilkinson four-saddle, compensated brass bridge, increases sustain and improves string intonation.

The sonic versatility of this classic bass design has proven itself over the years as the perfect bass for practically any style of music and, with its characteristic narrow neck design and medium weight tonewood construction, playing a 2 hour gig is just not a problem.

Vintage VJ74 ReIssued Series 4string bass guitar.

VJ74FR Firenza Red, VJ74VG Ventura Green and VJ74LB Laguna Blue. £439 rrp each

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