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Vintage introduce the nylon strung Paul Brett Signature Viator acoustic parlour guitar

Vintage introduce the nylon strung Paul Brett Signature Viator acoustic parlour guitar

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Like all models in the Paul Brett Signature Viator Series of acoustic guitars, the new nylon strung Viator is once again themed on the small bodied Stella models from the 1920’s and 30’s. Skilfully designed again by Paul Brett himself, the exquisite nylon strung Viator, clearly expresses and highlights this English classic rock player’s love and immense knowledge for early, small bodied, parlour style guitars.

Despite the smaller dimensions, this vibrant acoustic has size-defying volume with a tonewood combination that delivers exceptional resonance and natural sustain. The tone is warm and mellow, with an open midrange that can be sharp and crisp with a fruity liveliness in the upper register with notably loud harmonics.

Featured tonewoods include sapele for the back and sides, and Sitka spruce for the top where classic and traditional lines are captured with a laser-etched rosette and body purfling. The pin bridge also makes re-stringing simple.

An open headstock is in keeping with tradition where smooth-geared, open chrome tuners, ensure accurate tuning. Moving down, nato is the chosen wood for the custom V-profile neck joining the body at the 14th fret, whilst the fingerboard, with a generous 48.5mm width at the nut, offers ample room for fingers to flutter freely within chords, inversions, intricate solo passages and effortlessly operate hammer-ons, apoyando and tirando techniques.

The Paul Brett Signature nylon strung Viator, is a well made, bright sounding classical guitar, with a big sound and small price tag, perfect as a starter instrument or travel companion offering a range of features that will benefit classical players. The added sparkle also makes this fine acoustic guitar ideal for other contemporary styles and for electric and steel-strung guitarists making the move to classical.

The Paul Brett Signature nylon strung Viator guitar, comes complete with a Vintage branded carry bag,

VTR800VC Nylon Strung Viator £149 rrp

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