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Vintage 30 days free Guitar Club offer

Vintage® team up with ‘Guitar Club’ to offer 30 days free online guitar courses and 14-day Free Trial for all online courses.

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Vintage® has teamed up with Guitar Club to offer customers a one-month Free Membership, plus a 14 day Free Trial for all online guitar courses.

With hand-picked, highly skilled guitar mentors and well over 1300 high quality online videos structured around the specific needs for students and
professionals of all levels, Guitar Club is recognised by the music industry and thousands of musicians worldwide, for its professional presentation focusing on how to develop guitar playing techniques, inspirational skills, theory lessons, 5 Day Course challenges and Player Studies that show how to learn the secrets of some of the world’s most iconic guitar players.

Guitar Club

Vintage customers need only enter the Vintage website VintageguitarsRus and login to Guitar Club to take advantage of this exceptional offer. Starting in the New Year, all Vintage guitars sold in store will also include QR coded swing tags to access the free online lessons.

Whether you strum, groove or solo as an established player, or a student playing for the first time, with a host of innovative online lessons accessible on computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets, covering all styles and popular music tracks, from country to jazz, blues to rock, pop to metal and more, Guitar Club in no time, will improve and upgrade your natural skills to a whole new level.


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