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Vintage V120 and V132 guitars

Vintage announce the V120 and V132 guitars

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Get yourself on the TV with new Vintage V120 and V132 guitars

Listen, Junior – if you want your next guitar to embody the spirit of punk and new wave, it’s time to call off the search.

Brand new for 2019, the Vintage V120 and V132 guitars dispense with ornamentation and extravagance, and let you get straight down to business with only the bare essentials to hand.


Available in either a single pickup model (V120TVY) or twin pickup version (V132TVY and V132TSB) this classic single cutaway, solid body design has enjoyed enduring popularity through every classic age of the electrified guitar.

Both the V120 and V132 sports a unique offset and cutaway for unlimited upper fret access and ease of playability. What’s more, top quality Wilkinson® hardware ensures flawless intonation and supreme tuning stability gig after gig.

The V120, available in iconic TV yellow finish, employs a single Wilkinson® WP100 pickup in the bridge position, controlled by single volume and tone pots, while the V132, available in TV Yellow and Tobacco Sunburst, features a pair of Wilkinson® WP90s, a three-way pickup selector switch and twin volume and tone controls.


Finally, both V120 and V132 are equipped with unbound, CITES-compliant Lignum Rosa fingerboards, fitted with 22 frets and dot position markers, in keeping with the guitars’ stripped-back, workhorse aesthetic.

When you need a guitar that is all about raw, unbridled tone, endless playability and unquestionable staying power, the Vintage V120 and V132 are ready to help you get your hands dirty.

For more information visit: www.jhs.co.uk/brands/vintage

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