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TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

TWA® releases SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

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TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

TWA is very excited to announce our first signature model, as well as our first collaboration with Tube Screamer creator Susumu Tamura – the Scott Henderson SH9 signature distortion.

With the SH9, Mr. Tamura has taken the classic Sonic Distortion circuit that he invented in 1981 and re-worked it to meet Scott Henderson’s exacting performance standards.

The primary improvement was a re-design of the pedal’s tone stack, shifting the center frequency for more focus in the lows and lower-mids.  Even as the SH9’s Tone control is turned up, there is no loss of the bass frequencies that Scott considers essential for playing in the higher registers on the guitar.

TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

This increased note girth combined with the SH9’s inherently compressed sound allows Scott to effortlessly articulate the fluid, horn-like lead tones that he is famous for.

Other useful improvements include an increased output level that helps the pedal to be heard clearly in a full band context, as well as 9- or 18-volt operation for increased headroom with less compression and a slightly different character to the distortion.

The SH9 Scott Henderson signature distortion features the following –

  • Signature distortion pedal inspired by classic SD-9 circuit
  • Thick, compressed, amp-like tone
  • Improved Bass and lower Midrange response
  • Increased “girth” on high-register notes
  • Allows notes to “speak” properly
  • Increased output level
  • JRC4558 OpAmp
  • Optional 18-VDC operation for increased headroom, less compression and alternate drive signature
  • True Bypass switching
  • Die cast zinc enclosure with custom powder coat
  • Made in USA
  • Street Price – $300

For more infomation about the TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion please visit www.godlyke.com

TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

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