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Triple A Audio – new company by Serj Tankian – Releases Qanun Virtual Instrument for Kontakt

Triple A Audio – new company by Serj Tankian – Releases Qanun Virtual Instrument for Kontakt

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Los Angeles, CA – Triple A Audio, a startup software instrument company, is excited to announce their first release, Folk Noir: Qanun for Kontakt. This meticulously recorded virtual instrument brings the mystical melodies of the Middle East and the Caucasus to your digital studio.

The Qanun opens the slate of the fledgling company’s upcoming products. Founded by famous rocker Serj Tankian and recordist and composer Olajide Paris together with Gevorg Mnatsakanyan in 2023, the company aims to tell a story with every product. A story about the musician they cooperate with, the recorded instrument, and ultimately the experience of the user.

“We wanted to open with the Qanun because it can easily relate to Western music tradition, bridging the gap between the East and West, a function that Armenia also gracefully serves,” says Paris.

Triple A Audio sampled an Armenian Qanun hand-made in a small village in Armenia in the Southern Caucasus. With metal levers and wooden tuning pegs to alter the pitch of the note, it can play a range of up to 3 and a half octaves. The recording player wore the traditional silver thimble and pick made of bull horns on both index fingers to resonate the sounds.

“We wanted to create a virtual instrument that would allow musicians to explore the rich, beautiful tones of the Qanun like never before,” said Paris. “This Armenian Qanun has an entirely different structure and sound than other variants of the instrument. It’s an equal temperament that extends the musical range of the instrument beyond the mughams of the Middle East onto Western-style concertos, symphonies and even jazz.”

The Qanun virtual instrument for Kontakt is deeply sampled using multiple mics, catching every pristine pluck by qanun master Mayranush Rubenyan in delicate perfection. With up to 5 round robins and 5 velocity layers on each of the 8 articulations, it’s a professional-grade tool for composers, producers, and musicians.

The Qanun opens the series Folk Noir, which is the Triple A Audio designation for instruments that fit in the more traditional folk categories. But always with a twist.

The Qanun virtual instrument for Kontakt is now available for purchase on Triple A Audio’s website.

Learn More

Website: www.tripleaaudio.com

Trailer:  https://youtu.be/-0O4Z8MNikA?feature=shared
Walkthrough: https://youtu.be/yx4SMrmfKfc?feature=shared
Mini Doc:  https://youtu.be/cRc7Q8Hhudc?feature=shared

Blog:  https://tripleaaudio.com/blog/

Product Specs


  • Long 5 Dyn Layers, 5 RR
  • Short 5 Dyn Layers 5 RR
  • Tremolo Short 3 Dyn Layers
  • Tremolo Long 3 Dyn Layers
  • Vibrato Long 1 Dyn Layer 1RR
  • Trills 2 Dyn Layers
  • Clusters Long 2 Dyn Layers 5RR
  • Clusters Short 3 Dyn Layers 5RR


  • Mix
  • Ribbon
  • Tube

Software Information

  • 6708 Samples
  • 3GB (5.84GB Uncompressed)
  • Requires Kontakt 6 Full Retail – Latest Version
    (Does Not work In the Free Kontakt Player)

Prices And Availability

Folk Noir: Qanun is available at a regular price of $99.00 / 99.00€ and a discounted price of $79.00 / 79.00€ for the first two weeks after release (Intro pricing ends Nov 1).

About Triple A Audio

Started in 2023 by rockstar Serj Tankian, American composer/producer Olajide Paris, and Gevorg Mnatsakanyan, Triple A Audio is a Yerevan-based music software company with a score of top-tier talent to back it up. It may be a relatively new label, but there’s expertise here built from across the sample development community.

The team knows what composers value, and for what sound the composers of tomorrow are looking. Committed to engaging local musicians, spreading their story, and building their potential in a world of international music, the company focuses on crafting narratives of people and their instruments, to imbue its products with a creative energy and vigor that will help customers bloom their own inspired muses.

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