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Singdaptive Releases Adaptive Learning Platform for Singing Musician

Singdaptive Releases Adaptive Learning Platform for Singing Musician

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Interactive online courses for singing-guitarists, lead singers, backing vocalists, singer-songwriters, YouTube cover artists, occasional singing performers – all musicians who sing.

(April 7, 2020, Victoria, Canada) Today, Singdaptive® announced the release of a new subscription-based platform to help musicians across genres develop their singing lives. Singdaptive is a multi-disciplinary approach to singing, featuring 16 world-class instructors representing vocal technique & health, vocal effects, creativity, songwriting, audio & technology, performance coaching and effective practice pedagogy. An intelligent survey, called the SingerPathTM, connects musicians to learning content tailored to current needs and interests, and the Practice Tracker and Journal engages subscribers to their courses, quizzes, actions and data, tracking individual progress and extending the learning process well beyond just video instruction.

Singdaptive Kevin AlexanderSingdaptive was created by four Music Industry experts who noticed that learning singing online was often limited to a single genre, teacher or method. One of these founders, Kevin Alexander, former CEO of TC-Helicon and VP of TC Electronic says, “During my time at TC-Helicon we learned that over 50% of guitarists sing. We wanted to create a platform where all musicians could address the singing side of their musical life.”

Over 500 singers participated in testing the SingerPathTM survey, helping to ensure that its learning recommendations truly connected with real life singing situations. A wide-ranging curriculum was then developed, bringing together both academic instructors as well as Music Industry professionals to create new, targeted learning content made by singers, for all musicians.

Offering both monthly ($24.99 USD) and yearly ($249.00 USD) subscription plans, Singdaptive delivers singers full access to over 200 lessons, more content than one would receive in a year of full-time music instruction at a College or University. Each lesson comes with multiple ways to extend learning, along with the ability to track progress and keep inspired through gamified learning. On top of all that, musicians also receive access to special learning opportunities, books and articles, as well as monthly newsletters.

Lastly, subscribers can interact directly with the team responsible for creating new content. Reach out to the Singdaptive team anytime at 

Singdaptive Adaptive Learning Platform for Singing Musician

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