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Powerwerks SYSTEM ONE Portable Linear Column Array System

Powerwerks™ Introduces the SYSTEM ONE Portable Linear Column Array System

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CINCINNATIPowerwerks™ stacks up a convenient, powerful solution in the new SYSTEM ONE portable linear column array system. The Bluetooth-enabled SYSTEM ONE is a powerful Class D amplifier that delivers 1050 Watts of power, and features an innovative connection system for quick assembly and break-down. A reliable solution for nearly any gig, the SYSTEM ONE offers plenty of power and maximizes efficiency, allowing users to optimize their pro-audio experience and their time.

The SYSTEM ONE supplies 1050 Watts peak power through a 10-inch subwoofer (40 to 200 Hz frequency response) and a satellite column with eight 3-inch high-frequency neodymium compression drivers (200 Hz to 16 kHz response). The column system is separated into two pieces including a spacer column to help with height and sound projection.

Powerwerks SYSTEM ONE Portable Linear Column Array System

On the top panel of the subwoofer, users will find three independent channels, two of which include Treble, Bass, Reverb and Volume control, with a line/mic push button. Channel 3/4 enables aux-in for device connection with Volume control. Separate Sub and Master Volume controls are adjacent.

Powerwerks further simplifies this top panel with four DSP (digital signal processor) EQ settings for Main, Monitor, DJ, and Speech. Three indicator lights — green for Signal, yellow for Power, and red for Limit — help the user maintain levels.

As an added convenience, the SYSTEM ONE enables Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth True Stereo Link to add a second system. Two push buttons, one for Pairing and one for Linking are included, along with simple two-step instructions for connectivity.

The SYSTEM ONE’s connection system makes set-up and break-down a breeze, allowing the column speaker sections to clip into place and likewise detach, quickly and simply. Powerwerks includes a convenient over-the-shoulder carry bag for the two array pieces, and the durable chassis of the subwoofer has an ergonomic handgrip for easy carrying, so users can make one trip in and out.

From top to bottom, the SYSTEM ONE offers an ideal balance of power, performance, portability, and price at street price of $589.99 USD.

Get a closer look at the SYSTEM ONE portable linear column array system at www.powerwerks.com

About Powerwerks™

Powerwerks sound reinforcement products represent the design and manufacturing expertise of Hanser Music Group, a third-generation music products company founded in 1924. Drawing on its dedicated team of skilled audio engineers, Powerwerks products are designed to meet the needs of both demanding musicians and non-musicians who require professional sound products. Learn more at www.powerwerks.com.

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